Wednesday, 13 September 2017

#AHAlbumReview: Reviewing the 'Simisola' album by Simi

Artiste: Simi
Album: Simisola
Tracks: 12 (+ 3 bonuses)
Features: Adekunle Gold
Producers: Oscar, Vtek Seyikeyz, Sess.
This is the most anticipated female album of the year, X3M Music artiste Simi finally drops her debut album titled Simisola and without further ado here is what the album has to offer.

The album kicks off with a powerfully produced song titled Remind Me as Simi once again reminds us how beautiful and powerful her vocals her. Produced by Oscar, this song will have a 9/10 rating as it is a perfect start to the album. 

Joromi is the second track off the album and one of the singles that was released to promote the album, the creativity behind her turning Jomori into another sweet melodious song is beautiful and the rating will be 9/10, this is another Oscar produced track. 

Aimasiko is another beautifully created song and once again we can hear the creativity Simi put into the song. Seyikeyz really came through for the production of this song, the rating will be 8/10.

The next track is Complete Me and this track is also produced by Oscar who produced most of the songs on this album. This is the typical love song we know Simi for but once again the production is top notch, the instruments arrangement were brain bursting. The rating will be 10

Once again Simi thrills us with her blissful vocals on Gone For Good and in a way she reminds me of Asa. Oscar also came through with the production on this song as the rating will be 10 this is actually my favourite song, o deep

Original Baby sees Simi try out a different sound as she serves us with some reggae tune on this one and I have to say she also came through on this, the rating will be 9/10.
Sess (The Problem Kid) made is production skills felt on this album with a beautifully produced track titled One Kain and as expected Simi didn’t dull the song at all. The rating will be 8/10

Take Me Back features Adekunle Gold and this probably might be the best song on this album, both artistes showed us why we love them and why we have always clamoured for more collaborations. This song will carry a 10 rating and I have to say everything about this song is dope including the instrumentals. 

O Wa N’be is a brilliant highlife tune from Simi as she also tries to prove to us that her versatility knows no limit and the instrumentals on this song is brain bursting, the rating will be 9/10.  This is a Vtek produced track.

Smile For Me is another single that was release off the album and we already know that this song is a chart topper and it’s still retain it rating from our Absolute Hearts Music Review which is a 9/10

Angelia is another beautiful song with some beautiful guitar strings and once again Simi came through on this one as the rating will be 9/10

Finally the album comes to an end officially with the song titled Hiphop Hurray this is another song that show that Simi is not just a beautiful singer but also a good composer. The rating will be 9/10.

Simisola is a great body of work and I have to say one of the best female albums I have listened to in the last five years and I see this album going on to win multiple awards this year. This album is full of creativity as it captures the soul and puts it in a self-discovery mood. Simi is not just a beautiful singer; she is also a creative writer and composer.

I know this might piss some people off but I really don’t care, if we are talking of general understanding of music, Simi is second to Asa.  Her music composition and arrangement is one thing that really stood out for in this album and of course the productions was also on point and shout out to Foikee, Alaba, Dami and Ayo who also added some additional sounds to the album.

All in all this is a solid debut album as the total rating will be 9/10.

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