Saturday 4 July 2015

Monkey Bits Artist of Pirates of the Caribbean

A makeup artist that is part of the working crew on the new Pirates of the Caribbean film on the Gold Coast in Australia has been bitten by a monkey.
This incident took place on Tuesday afternoon as an ambulance officer was called to the set. The 54 year old woman who is believed to be the makeup artist for Johnny Depp was said to be sitting on a sound stage when the monkey attacked her and bit her ear, paramedics were able to control the bleeding from the bite before she was taking to a local private hospital. The monkey is said to be capuchin monkey Jack, Geoffrey Rush’s sidekick in the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
It is reported that before the movie began the Monkey itself had made headlines when it first arrived in Australia last year having been placed in quarantine due to the country’s strict bio-security laws.

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