Tuesday 10 April 2018

#StoryTuesday: Suicide Note [Page Six]

Few weeks ago we began a new story on our #StoryTuesday series. The story is titled ' Suicide Note' and new episodes will be published on Tuesdays. Suicide Note will be written in pages (episodes) and here is the link to Page Five in case you missed it. Continue reading page six below
Bros Chima was like that big brother I never had. He always looked out for me, he thought me how to be tough in his own possible way. In 5th avenue I was like a prince, I could move around and do whatever I like, the streets of 5th avenue was my safe haven. 

At the same time it was on this street I was first chased by police men. It was on this same street I witness robbers killing someone in cold blood. I can't forget that evening, I was cold all through the night. It was some few minutes to seven, I can remember vividly because I had just finish playing ball and was heading to bros Chima's flat to wash my body and just stay there for a while. After washing my legs and face, bros Chima gave me money to go buy him beer and Garri (yellow Eba). I had bought it and I had ten Naira change so I decided to branch at a Mallam shop to buy biscuit for myself. It was at this Mallam shop I heard the shooting, I didn't know what it was, in my mind I thought it was 'banger' only for me to see Adamu (the Mallam) closing his kiosk shouting 'danborobber'. I turned back to face the street and till today what I saw still sends cold shiver down my spine. A man was lying on the floor in his own pool of blood as the thieves were speeding off in their car. 

I didn't go back to 5th avenue for like a month, till today I can't even remember what happened to the Garri and beer I went to buy nor can I recollect how I got home, all I remember was seeing the blood and waking up the next day at home. Of course I still went back to 5th avenue but bros Chima and I weren't that close anymore, can't really say this was what happened, I just notice that one day I stopped going to his house and eventually I even stopped going to 5th avenue though I can remember the reason for that. There is this big sandy field in 5th avenue that is where the bros dem dey play football. On this unfortunate day, I decided to  go to the field to watch them play ball, no, sorry I actually went to look for bros Chima, I was told that he had gone to play ball so my thought was that he went to the sandy field. On getting there and noticing he wasn't there, I decided to stay and watch the other bros playing, little did I know that I was going to get in trouble. 

The field has a fence around it, I was seated on the fence when I notice some activities going on opposite me. They were three bros sitting on a bench at the other end of the fence, my eyes caught them at first but I didn't pay attention but after a while when my eyes went towards that direction again I saw one man walk up to them, gave them money and in exchange they gave him a small black nylon. I couldn't say what was in the black nylon but my eyes followed the man whom by the way was putting on a nice Agbada. 

I saw the man get into his car, a BMW X5 Jeep and as I was taking my eyes back, my eyes came in contact with one of the bros sitting down and he gave me a signal to come over. Wetin small pikin like me know, I went over, he asked how many of my mate did I see on the field and that was when I realized I was the only kid on the field. I tried making up some excuse but he wasn't buying it as he kept tapping me on the head. He brought out another small nylon from one of the holes in the fence as someone else walked up to him. I didn't look at them as I took my face away but I heard him saying tell chief this one strong pass the last one, na Italian coke be this”. I took a quick glance at the nylon wondering what type of coke could be in that small nylon. After the guy left, he asked me why I was looking at the man that left and what did I see, I told him I didn't see, I lied that the man looked like my Mum's friend that was why I was looking at him. He pulled my ear and said I no won see you for here again, oya disappear”. 

I disappeared and I went home, hours later I was playing on my street when I saw one of those bros with three other bros I can't recognize, as they sighted me, he shouted 'na the boy be that”, that was how I started running as I saw them running towards me. As I was running I was thinking, what in the hell did I do?, they caught up with me and before I could say Jack Robinson they started pounding me saying na you go jabo abi”. After beating me for like three minutes, they calmed to ask if I was the one that told the police that Catch Fire was selling drugs at the field. I was very much confused because I didn't see them with any drug, I told them no, I didn't speak to any police neither did I see them selling any drug. Then one of them slapped me again and said so you won talk say you no see us they sell white coke today?”. I was shocked, of course as a Festac boy I have heard of it but when Catch Fire mentioned Italian coke my brain didn't think towards that.

Next episode next week

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