Tuesday 11 September 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Episode Four)

We recently started a new stories series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday. Here is the link to the third episode in case you missed it. read the fourth episode below
Bimbo is now a pro when it comes to using Twitter, aside from tweeting, there’s nothing she doesn’t do on the app.. The first thing Felicia taught her about Twitter is that your profile has to be lit, from your avatar, your bio and of course your followers.

And the first thing she did was to go snap some studio pictures, selecting the sexiest using it as her avatar, like Felicia said, a handle with sexy avatar attracts more followers, Yes! You guess right, her avatar display some of her goodies. Next thing she did was to change her handle, she went from @bimbo2015 to @that_bimbochick and the one way shock Felicia herself was what she wrote as her bio. Felicia couldn’t understand how she went from “If you follow me I follow back, I promise” to “If I don’t pop up on your TL, you don’t have TL, #shootyourshot, #ifyoumissyoumiss”, when she was asked why she used the #shootyourshot, she said “no be through DM Banky marry Adesua?.

In as much as she was aware of the Yoruba Demons on Twitter, she believed she could find a decent guy on twitter, at least she dey see pictures, she dey read gist of people way meet for Twitter   and are living happily ever after, so who says she can’t also have it. She wasn’t being too forward on replying guys in her DM, if a guy sends her a DM she doesn’t reply immediately, she'll check out the guy’s handle, then follow the guy's tweet and retweets, if she sees what she likes, she go reply, if not, you will be in that “too much DMs, might take long but I will reply all #shootyourshot, #ifyoumissyoumiss” zone that she tweets every day.

There was a day Felicia noticed her tweet and she used it to tease

Felicia: Is it you that didn’t even have up to 100 followers two month ago that is now saying too much DMs, when you become overnight celebrity

Bimbo: Overnight celebrity ko, under morning star ni

Felicia: Abi, even me that has more followers, I never get too much DMs

Bimbo: Bae all na scope, some guys dey way dey DM me and I don’t want to reply them, at the same time I don’t want to be seen as being too proud or something, so I tweet that every day, giving them hope that one day I will reply them.

Felicia: But don’t you think that might backfire?

Bimbo: How?

Felicia: I mean, say I’m a guy now, if I see you tweet that every day, I might feel discourage to DM you at all

Bimbo: Then that guy doesn’t deserve to have me, I like guys who have courage and her bold

Actually she gets an average of 5 DMs a month and replies 3 and ignore 2 though as time went on, she just replies the guy she feels she might like the most amongst the 5 guys that will send her a DM. Her timeline got more actions, due to the fact that there is nothing she doesn’t retweet, some people now mention her in some of their post because they know she will retweet it.

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