Thursday, 6 November 2014

Are you an aspiring OAP/Voice Over Artiste? This Is For You

This is to announce the commencement of the BASIC CERTIFICATE IN RADIO AND TV PRESENTING, SEASON 12.0, 24.11.2014., powered by the OAP ACADEMY and the PRO

For more info on how to register please visit The Pro Emcees
About – The Pro Emcees is a vision borne out of the need to give body to a string of ideas relating to the voice and speaking industry. There are indeed many practitioners in the voice and speech industry but only a few can beat their chests and lay claim to any level of understanding or professionalism. There are quite a number of people already practicing and ‘doing’. However, very few have the pre-requite knowledge or in some cases, the slightest inkling of the dynamics of what they actually do. As a result, only a few and indeed a minute number can boast of being able to transfer the knowledge they claim to possess. That is why the saying is true that, no one can give what they do not have!

Without doubt, there are yet those who have a craving for perfection or at least some form of expertise in their chosen area in the speech and voice industry. They would really love to ‘KNOW’ and have the ‘KNOW HOW’. They wish to upgrade their knowledge even if they believe they do have some knowledge. These are the ones who would love to put some polish and lustre on that which they have chosen to do or found themselves doing .
It is these set of people that the PRO EMCEES seeks to cater to. They may be broadcasters, public speakers, execs, professionals who speak, peer educators or even actors, musicians, preachers and even just individuals sincerely interested in improving their vocal skills. Our desire is to see their dreams come to fruition by providing a conducive atmosphere for the development of the core ingredients of a successful vocal life.
To this end, we have designed programmes to meet particular individual needs. We also have group specific packages. So, whatever your need, PRO EMCEES have got you covered.
We also practice what we preach by the way! So if you need someone to anchor your radio/TV show, emcee your event, give a keynote speech, deliver a motivational message or whatever kind of vocal engagement you require a professional touch to, we will be glad to offer our service.

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