Saturday, 20 December 2014

Make Money Online Through Blogging And A Mini Online Importation Business

A lot of youths, students and graduates still blame the government for their unemployed status saying there are no jobs. The truth is that there are actually jobs, you may also decide to be the job for yourself. 'Many people also believe that the state of the country has contributed immensely to their unemployment status', though I'm not saying that this believe is wrong and I'm also not saying its right....
The real truth is 'we know Nigeria has many problems and issues, but that's exactly what you need to get out of your unemployed state'. Making money is all about solving problems. that's why you have more opportunities staring at you here in Nigeria than any other developed country. Learn a skill today, invest in yourself, start internship if you need to and start solving people's problem.

Here are some businesses ideas I bring to you that can earn you a lot with little capital.

1. Do you know you can start a mini online importation business with as low as 10,000 and make up to 200,000 to 500,000 monthly? Yes, you can start importing goods like laptops, phones, bags, fashion materials etc from countries like China, Japan, US etc and make a lot from it. The Online Importation eBook is a  step-by-step guide that will take you through all the procedures in starting an online importation business. This book will also teach you the kind of goods you can import that will sell fast and also guide you on knowing your potential customers. You don't need to be an internet guru, this eBook will guide you on all procedures. With these I'm sure you'll be thinking this eBook will cost a lot, but because I'm selling to students, youth and graduate you might be unemployed or those who are employed but want to have more stream of income, I've decided to sell it for 2,000naira only.

​2. This is for bloggers, those who want to start a blog and make a lot of money from it and also artiste/musicians. A lot of upcoming musicians, artistes and comedians are looking for someone who will help them promote their song online   so they can get massive online downloads. These upcoming entertainers are ready to pay for these services. I am a blogger and an online music promoter and I make a lot of money from blogging and online music promotion and distribution. Through online music distribution, a bloggers sends the songs/comedy skits of these upcoming entertainers to thousands of other bloggers who will post it on their blogs for FREE. These bloggers will post the songs/comedy skits for free if only the sender is also a blogger or a promoter they are familiar with. So the sender can bill the client any amount he wishes and send the song to other bloggers who will promote the song on their blog for FREE. This has been my major source of income over the years and I wish to share it with you. I'll be sharing with you an eBook on the procedures on how to start a blog and also the confirmed emails of up to two thousand bloggers for you to make money through online music distribution. The two packages (the ebook and the bloggers emails) normally goes for 10,000naira but I've decided to sell for 3,000naira for the first 100 people. And mind you, this message is going out to up to 10,000 people. so you need to hurry....  I'll be available to mentor you when you need anything. Upcoming artistes who want to handle their song or skit online promotion by themselves can also grab this offer so you won't have to pay anyone to promote your song online for you

When you order for any of these products, you'll also get a FREE ebook on how Stephen Akintayo (CEO, GileadBalm Group) made 3.5million naira in two weeks...

All payments should be made to:

Account number: 0164200794

Account name: Ogunnowo Babatunde

Thereafter you send 'your depositor's name, tella number, email address, amount paid and the name eBook you ordered for' to or Or contact 08027922363... and your package will be delivered to your mail. You can always call me for more info with the mobile number above...

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