Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Transition Of Smartphones In The Nigeria Mobile Market

Over six years ago, the Nigeria mobile market was basically composed of mobile devices that can't be consumed by a lay man, although internet use had started spreading, but then the use of modern days device such as the BlackBerry smartphones, Android devices and the Windows were not in rampant use because of the high price tag allotted to most of them.
I could remember that six years ago, I was on a Samsung mini java device which doesn't support music but mono-phone sort of ringtones which cost me nothing less than #12,000. I couldn't access the likes of mozilla browser or chrome and the likes, not even an access to heavy data websites. This phones carry exorbitant prices, yet perform little function apart from the easy to travel communication which every mobile handset does. At least that wasn't introduced six years ago.

Although the makers of this 'high price device still have their adorable customers patronising them and of course, it is fair to say that their products are whoops, incredible but then it is also fair enough to say it is not affordable for everybody. This is a problem some manufacturers have identified in recent years and the Nigeria mobile market is incredibly booming, even the best of the best mobile device manufacturers wants their products here. Thanks to the likes of Tecno mobile, Infinix mobile, Haiwei and new incomers like injoo and many others found in the Nigerian market.

The past two years has recorded more smartphone users in Nigeria than anywhere in Africa, with just half the price of my six year's ago samsung device, I can get a tecno device that works well and connects with the whole world just in a blink of an eye through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and many more. I can stream youtube videos, find jobs, shop online, sell online, get updated with news around the world with just a press of a button or two. There might be many critics to this low end products however due to some reasons or the other but then, I ask myself "would we have found their faults if they hadn't introduced low end phone's". The most erroneous part is that from my view, even this high end phone devices aren't perfect. If they were, we wouldn't be having series of them. So I think we should appreciate these manufactures for giving people like me, a mere son of a mechanical engineer have access to a phone worth #120,000 in the real sense.
Subsequently, we shall be reviewing series of low end devices and comparing them to the high priced tagged ones.

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