Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hillary Clinton Says Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien Is Very Rude

Hillary Clinton had no time for a Republican state representative who heckled her about former President Bill Clinton's sex scandals during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien, a GOP state representative from Rockingham, repeatedly interrupted the Democratic front-runner in an attempt to question her about her husband's alleged sexual misconduct, Hillary finally fired back, “You are very rude, and I'm not going to ever call on you”, and this drew a huge round of applause from the crowd.  O'Brien said after the event that she had been trying to confront the former secretary of state about allegations that her husband had sexually assaulted Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.  O'Brien told reporters that “I asked her how in the world she can say that Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey are lying when she has no idea who Juanita Broaddrick is. Hillary told me this summer she doesn't know who Broaddrick is and doesn't want to know who she is. How can she assess that they are lying, which she told someone last month?”

This was her response when she was asked last month about the accusation made by Broaddrick, Willey and Paula Jones concerning the sexual impropriety levelled against her husband “I would say that everyone should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence

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