Thursday 30 September 2021

Story: The 49th Girl (Episode Four)

If you are just joining us, this is a new story series titled The 49th Girl, here is the first three episodes: Episode One, Episode Two, Episode Three
Read the fourth episode below;

Why be say na the one way get privacy you enter,Tosin asked. Wale explained that that was the one that had the key card. 

Key card?Tosin asked with a bit of surprise in his tone. 

Na so e shock me too, I mean what could be going on behind those doors that will need a key card,Wale said before he continued with his story.

I swear dem fit comot two-bedroom apartment for that room”, Wale said describing how spacious the room was. “Guy I no dey lie you, that room na somebody dream sitting room, the TV is about 72 inches, the couch, oh my God, the fabric on the couch alone, what about the bed, sweet baby Jesus, see ehn money good ooo”.

After he had taken in the beauty of the room, Wale then walked towards the closet, the closet had an alarm system in front of it and this was what caught Wale’s attention. 

Closet way get alarm system, shey na God cloth them keep for theirTosin said.

Wale stood in front of the closet, looking at the security system in front of it, there were three buttons with colour and the others were numbers. After contemplating for a while, Wale decided to press the “green button”. “Red means Stop and Green means Go, I don’t know what Blue means, so make I no even bother”, this was what Wale said as he pressed the green button.

As he pressed the “Green Button” a female voice came up and said “Hello, please, scan your access card” 

Wale didn’t first understand what access card the voice was talking about, then an example of the card, appeared on the display screen that popped up as the voice spoke.

Wale brought out the access card that they used getting into the party and scanned it on the screen, then after few seconds, the voice said “to access the underground poker game, press 1, to access the underground men’s only bar press 2, to access the underground women’s only pool press 3, to access the underground sex room. Press 4

Wale’s hand was moving towards number 2, then he thought “men’s only, make them no go assume say person na gay, na f*ck I wan f*ck, make person no come burst my y*nsh”, then he pressed 4. The closet opened and there was also another door inside the closet and as Wale stepped into the closet that door also open and that lead him down the stairs.

Guy you no even fearTosin asked. Wale was scared as he was walking down the stair, everywhere was dark, but as he takes each step, a light bulb will come on showing him which way to follow. 

What if na ritualist den person dey walk into”, or there is this big alien down there”, what was I even thinking, na so them dey die for all those American movies”, these were some of the thoughts that were going through Wale’s mind as he continued walking down the stairs.

Finally, he got to a door, which had the same security system as that of the closet, Wale once again pressed the green button, the same female voice came up and said “please confirm your chosen number”, Wale pressed 4 and after few seconds the door opened and Wale walked into another room.

 “Guy calm down first, this is starting to sound insane,Tosin said to Wale.I thought it was supposed to be a mask party? He added. 

“That was the same thing I thought, but look that wasn’t even the craziest part mehn” Wale answered.

At this point, Wale had to stop washing his cloth, Tosin had gotten back to the room, picked up one of the stools to sit down. Wale turned one of the iron buckets in the bathroom upside down, placed one of his dirty clothes on it before sitting down.

Next episode tomorrow 

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