Thursday, 11 May 2017

Check out this new intriguing trailer for 'The Flash'

Captain Cold is making his return on next week’s episode of The Flash, The CW is not resting on its laurels and has instead decided to step up the marketing campaign for season 3’s penultimate offering.

This one in particular is especially visually impressive because it sees an also returning King Shark confronting the Scarlet Speedster and Leonard Snart, with some gorgeous rain effects thrown in.  Fortunately, this confrontation will be made a reality as it appears that ARGUS have opted to use the beast as a guard dog of sorts, with him protecting an alien power source that Barry Allen is in desperate need of in his quest to thwart Savitar’s plans. So, don’t expect any form of bait and switch here.
The Flash airs on 5/16/2017 nights on The CW.

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