Monday, 28 August 2017

Arsenal's performance unwatchable, Sanchez has the right to leave - Thierry Henry

Arsenal’s legend Thierry Henry has questioned why Alexis Sanchez would stay at Arsenal after their 4-0 thrashing at Liverpool, and says he found the display unwatchable. Sanchez made his first appearance of the season at Anfield but had no impact on the game as Liverpool ran out comfortable winners.

The Chile international has less than a year left on his contract and there has been speculation that he will leave this summer, even though Arsene Wenger has said he hopes a new deal can be agreed.

Henry said “Why would he stay after watching this? After this type of performance? That is why they Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are not renewing their contracts. There is something wrong with Arsenal at the minute. It was unwatchable, at one point I wanted to leave. I don't relate to the team and I don't think a lot of the fans do. That is a problem. The word I have used for a long time is comfort. Everything is comfortable at Arsenal. Everyone can stay, you don't try to find out the player you can be, it's ok to play well, and if you're not playing well there's not the pressure you should have at a big club. You are not even competing. It's on them to change it, but everything is nice and it cannot be like that.”

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