Tuesday 12 February 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Two)

We recently started a new story series titled I Married A Prostitute and just like we normally do we shall be posting a new episode every week. Here is the link to Episode One in case you missed it. Read Episode Two below
As she off her cloth finish, she come back to kiss me as she dey use style take off my shirt, in as much as my manhood was up and was ready to go, my soul wasn’t willing so I did the unthinkable. “Wait first; can you give me oral?

She was mad, like she went on a five minute nonstop rant and all I could see was more beauty, could have been what I took but as she dey rant I was just smiling and in my mind saying “but this girl fine sha”. 

Sha no try nonsense when morning come, my 25k must complete, no story” this was what she said to end her statement, a quick thought came to my head, so I decided to test it out. I asked her how much she will charge me for the head, she looked at me like I was mad as she angrily said “I don’t do such”. Me way stubborn pass anything, I wasn’t going to relent till I get what I want, meanwhile during all her ranting she don wear underwear and she use my bedsheet cover her body.

We went back and forth arguing and negotiating and finally when she heard I was willing to pay 100k, her tone changed to “ehn  see I've never done it before, na wetin make me refuse before but as you are willing to pay for it ehn no wahala”. Till this very moment I still can’t remember why I suggested a  head,  it wasn’t like someone had done it for me before and let’s even assume I wanted it, it shouldn’t be coming from a prostitute but I was high so I guess it was safe to say I wasn’t thinking. She got down on her knees brought out my 'D' and as she was about to start, I asked her if she could put off her underwear. She looked at me and I could tell she was really getting tired of my stress but she no talk, she got naked and got down on her knees again.

As she was using her hand and mouth to stimulate my manhood which by the way was bursting my brain, producing some electric spark in my head, I was also admiring her beautiful body, her full C-shaped breast and her clean shaved private part. That oral sex was the first of many oral sex but that will always remain my favourite experience, after 10 minutes of oral s*x, I released, you need to see how my body was vibrating as I released, I dey shake for bed like person way epilepsy catch. She went to the bathroom to have her bath, when she came back, she put on her bra and pant again as she used the tower this time around to cover herself, “I will like to sleep now” she said. 

From her expression and even her tone I could tell something was bothering her but I decided to shift and not ask anymore question. 

Next episode next week

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