Tuesday 29 January 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode One)

Happy New Year to you all, thank you for sticking with us all through 2018, as we kick off the New Year, we also begin a new story series titled I Married A Prostitute.  Like we normally do, a new episode will be posted every Tuesday, with that being said, read Episode One below
2008 was the last time I slept with a prostitute, I never liked it, I mean, no sort of foreplay, just open legs and I enter, I enjoyed foreplay a lot but hey this isn't about how I like having s*x.

It was Christmas period, my cousin and I had this ritual of partying around during this period, so this particular night we don go party and as expected we ended up at an Ashewo joint, I didn't want to go but then again I didn't want to be a party spoiler so I went, he paid for my Ashewo, we went into the room and the girl, very beautiful I must say, took off her cloth and was ready to get down. “Guy how far?, off cloth na, abi you no won do?” that was what she said to me when she notice say I no off cloth. I told her I wasn't interested, she put on her cloth and said “oya come dey go, make I find another customer

I asked her how much her bill was for overnight and she said N25,000. I said I will pay, she laughed, saying I just said I wasn't interested, I said na midnight my thing dey work well. She was skeptical but she agreed to follow us home that night. My cousin was so surprised, I had to lie to him that I enjoyed her so much I needed a do over but in reality I didn't have an idea why I was taking her home because honestly I wasn't going to have sleep with her.

We got home around 11:30pm but before then we had branch to get what we were going to eat and of course some alcohol, I wanted to buy w**d but the seller had close which was strange because he usually stays till 12 or 12:30am but that day for reasons I got to find out later, he closed early. After we got home, we showered, we ate, drank and then my cousin went to his room to sleep. I was able to engage the girl in some conversation and since she was staying overnight she was relaxed, she wasn't in a hurry to sleep with me and get it over with. While talking I remembered I still had some w**d left in my shoe racket, so I went to get it, rolled up and light up. I noticed while I was taking it, she was acting kind of strange, first I thought probably she wanted to share with me but as I pass am say make she take, she declined and asked if she could get more drink instead, so I enter fridge and got a drink for her.

We spoke till about 3am, no meaningful conversation just goofing around. So when it was time to get down to business, she began to caress me, kissing me and playing with my manh**d, I was reluctant at first, I mean how will I be kissing Ashewo but then again if I was going to get down with her I might just as well kiss her, so I kissed and also caressed her. As she noticed I was hard, she began taking off her cloth and that was when I actually notice how gorgeous she looks, of course facially she is beautiful, she was well-packaged but seeing her in her full glory, mehn, till today she remains the most beautiful girl I have ever come across.

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