Saturday 25 July 2020

I want peace - Seyitan Babatayo released statement on rape case

Seyitan Babatayo has released a statement after it was revealed that she has dismissed her petition against singer D'banj after accusing him of rape.

Her statement is a reaction to a statement released by the human rights group, Stand To End Rape Initiative  (STER), that has been trying to get justice for her 

Reacting to STER'sstatement, Seyitan said it was her family that tried to reach a settlement so they reached out to Segalink.

She wrote “It was my family members and I that did resolve to and subsequently contacted @Segalink to facilitate a meeting with D-banj's team for a resolution of the issue and as I did not intend to continue with this contention!”

She made other points in her statement and ended with “I really want my PEACE. Thank you.”


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