Monday 6 December 2021

#StorySeries: One Night in Ikorodu (Episode Four)

In case you are just going us, we started a new #StorySereis titled One Night in Ikorodu, here is the link to Episode One, Episode Two  and Episode Three

Below is episode four:

This is a story inspired by a true-life event, names have been changed to protect and respect those involved.

So it all started two weeks before I actually visited Ikorodu, after my third visit, I had already vowed that I was done going to Ikorodu for the year, in fact, I was like unless someone wants to give me money, serious money like 500k, then I fit consider am.

But little did I know I still had one more visit, like I said, it all started two weeks before I decided to go. There was this girl, her name is…..Nah don’t let me mention her name; the name isn’t really important to the story but on second thought, let me mention it to make the story more real.

Miracle chatted me up that she needed a favour from me but she would call me to explain, she said: “no be chat matter”. In my mind, I was like “hope say no be money matter?”. Another thought that came to my mind was “abi she and her boyfriend don get wahala and she wan make I tell her wetin to do?

I have known Miracle for a couple of years and I have asked her out like three times but she has always rejected me but whenever she has an issue with her relationship, I’m the one she always runs to, though for about 2 years before that particular “I need a favour chat”, she hasn’t told me much about her relationships.

I remember the last time we had a conversation about a guy she was dating and the guy was treating her badly, na the guy go dey wrong, na she go dey apologize, she says I’m sorry more than she says love you. I told her that isn’t a healthy relationship, because a relationship where you keep saying I’m sorry every time, is a toxic relationship, he doesn’t have to beat you or insult before the relationship becomes toxic, little things like a constant apology makes a relationship toxic as well. But this wasn’t even what made us stop talking constantly like we normally do.

There was this day she was crying and talking nonstop about how bad the guy makes her feel about herself, and I was just tired of listening to the same story every time, so I said “why do you keep choosing guys that don’t rate you when you can just simply say yes to me and let me show you what love is meant to feel like?”. She wanted to still explain why it was hard for her to leave the guy and all that but I didn’t give her the audience, I just shut her up and said “how do you think I feel every time I dry your tears because one guy is making you cry when I know for a fact that I can always make you laugh. If you would keep dating shitty guys, the least you can is to clean up your mess, na love I love you, I no be your emotional dumpsite

Looking back at the moment, I admit I sounded too harsh but then again, the truth is a hard pill to swallow and I just had to say it, so maybe my timing was wrong but then again I don’t think there is any time that the truth can’t be said. Well after that day she never chatted me up about her relationship issue, as a matter of fact, our chat was reduced to the barest minimum, we only chat through status, I post something she likes, she comments, I reply and that would be all.

So when she chatted me up to say she needs a favour, my mind was all over the place, I couldn’t stop thinking about what kind of favour she might need. One thing about me is I overthink a lot, especially when someone puts me in suspense over a conversation, I hate it when someone says “e get wetin I wan tell you but I go yarn you later”. I enter that overthinking mode, in my mind I would be like “why later?, why you no fit talk am now?

Anyway, so there I was, waiting for Miracle to call me and explain the favour she needs, if she had said, “I wanted to tell you something”, I would have probably reached out to her, to remind her but since na favour she needs, I just didn’t bother before I go buy market way pass me. it took her four days before she finally called me. 

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