Thursday, 2 December 2021

#StorySeries: One Night in Ikorodu (Episode Two)

Yesterday we started another #StorySeries titled One Night in Ikorodu, here is the link to Episode One, you can read Episode Two below;

This is a story inspired by a true-life event, names have been changed to protect and respect those involved.

Again, I need to state that Ikorodu has never been my favourite place to visit and it was after my first visit that I made the vow that I would never ever go to Ikorodu unless it was very necessary.

There is the thing I use to say “Ikorodu na that place way person no fit vex go before you reach Ikorodu that vex for don come down”. Oh, I forgot to tell you how bad the road was on my trip to Ikorodumake una no worry I would do that on this second trip”.

Like I said, these detour stories are necessary so that you can truly understand the main gist. I had fun on the second visit to Ikorodu, please take note I didn’t say the journey was fun, there is nothing fun about going to Ikorodu but I enjoyed what I went to do and even at that, that didn’t make the journey worth it.

On my second visit to Ikorodu, I went to the place known as Ogijo, a friend of mine was doing his video shoot for a song and as a good friend, I went to support and appear in the video too. I didn’t go alone; I was with my music partner Odogwu.

Our trip to Ikorodu was smooth this time, but you see that journey from Ikorodu to get to the place we went to do the video shoot, sweet baby Jesus, it was more than the journey that took us to Ikorodu, we took the bus, we took the bike. The bike ride was the worst because that was when we felt the bad road, it was like Roger Federer was using my balls to play tennis the way the bike kept bumping into every pothole, it was just crazy.

We got to Ikorodu, we shot the video, and we left to Ogijo back to Argic, “Oya make we enter bus back to our house, na so we discover say we don run out of cash”. I swear the whole situation was so fucking annoying, excuse my French, in my head I was like “person way dey do me, na Ikorodu him dey live no doubt”.

Oh, I just remember the first place the bike took us that we found out that we didn’t have cash again wasn’t Argic, I can’t even remember the name of the place. I remember it wasn’t Argic because after I and Odogwu made a few calls, someone sent cash to us then to redraw the cash was trouble, there was no single ATM around. The bike man said he would have to take us to the nearest ATM which was in Argic and not even the main Argic bus stop. And that was how we started another unnecessary journey inside Ikorodu to look for ATMs.

After touring Ikorodu on the bike, I said tour because this bike guy was just taking us from one ATM to another ATM, none of it was dispensing but after like 30 minutes of our bike tour, we luckily saw one First Bank ATM, we redraw the one thousand Naira that was sent to us, it was out of that one thousand that we had to pay the bike man too.

Even that bike man self, na beg we beg am because the guy don dey para say the N200 way we give am too small

Of course on our way home, we were caught up in traffic, though I have to confess this one wasn’t as bad as the first one but then again, this was way before Fashola decided to fix their road, so getting stuck in traffic in Ikorodu road is one thing everyone run away from, it’s never fun, no matter how small it is. Oh, I forgot to mention there is only one road that leads into Ikorodu, that’s if you are coming from Oshodi or let me say any part of Lagos Mainland and even Island sef, just one major road (I stand to be corrected though), so you can understand why the traffic back then use to be crazy. 

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