Sunday 7 October 2012

Characteristics of Yoruba films

* You see the shadow of the Director while watching the film

* the actors/actresses beat their chest and you hear a sound as if a loud speaker was planted there

* A ghost first looks both sides before crossing the road

* The T.V still makes noise even if you put it on vol 1

* A flashback plays for 40mins

* If you watch Part II 4 20minutes n you can tell what happend on
part I

* Women wake up with make up n earrings in the morning

* They spend 30mins showing some1 packing,moving out of the
house.,boarding a bus n all the way to the village

* Adverts take 70percent of the film duration

* A track is played in the backGround until it finishes

* Qualified doctors always refer patients to witch doctors...

* After shooting a character and he dies he sometimes opens his eyes not knowing the camera
is still on him.

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