Wednesday 24 October 2012

Internet Error Codes And Meaning (By Moyoor Buyide)

During Internet browsing or opening any website, you may see several types of error codes and you are facing problems to browse or open any website. Moreover, it seems that sometimes you also face difficulties during opening your email or any FTP sites. This type of situation, you see some error codes. Actually these error codes have specific meaning and it refers particular type of problem. Most of the time these errors can easily be recognized and can be easily solvable by yourself. But to solve these errors you must have to be familiarized with these error codes. In this page, you will know different Internet error codes and meaning which will help you for solving Internet problems and troubleshooting.

* Internet Error Code: 400
This type of error code refers bad request error. If you type wrong
URL then this type of error message appears.To solve this error message, you should firstly check whether you are typing wrong URL name and type the correct URL so that servercould understand your request.

* Internet Error Code: 401
When you are trying to open any unauthorized access on any site or
web-page or blog, you will find this type of error. To solve this type of error, you have to check your username and password if you are trying to open any webpage or blog.

* Internet Error Code: 402
This is payment required error. If you forget to pay your monthly
Internet usage bill or any other service related bill, you may find
this type of errors. To solve this type of error,you have to pay the
service provider.

* Internet Error Code: 403
This error is occurred when you are trying toopen any forbidden page and you are blocked by that domain.

* Internet Error Code: 404
During the time of Internet browsing, if some page or link is missing then this type of error occurs. If you are trying to open the web page that was removed or re-named this type of error also occur. Actually there is no solution of this type of error because all things are maintained to particular webmaster to their own website. But you may check the URL spelling whether the page is actually exists or not.

* Internet Error Code: 408
This type of error occurs due to time out. When the server are not
able to deliver your request this type of erroroccurs. To solve this
type of error, you should send the request with in time that the
server set for you.

Compiler: Moyoor Buyide

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