Thursday 18 October 2012

Upcoming Actress Fights Movie Producer Dirty Publicly In Enugu Hotel

Many would have thought that the era of sexfor movie roles was a thing of the past in Nollywood, but alas! it still seems to be a menace and it is raring its ugly head again.
According to what we gathered from an industry source, who claimed to have witnessed this showdown in Enugu last week, one Arsenal Bruno, who is known to be a top movie producer in the eastern part of Nigeria, got more than what he asked for from an Abuja-based budding actress.
We were reliably informed that Bruno, who is on a movie set as the executive producer, got the worst embarrassment of his life when this actress (names withheld) started shouting that she has been slept with severally by Bruno with the promise to get juicy movie roles in his new film, but that shewas now surprised that the promise was not being fulfilled.
This incident happened on Friday, September28, 2012 at Prince Palace Hotel, Ukporkiti, Enugu. The actress was quoted to have said, "I am tired and no longer ashamed of saying it. You have been fu*king me all thiswhile and wasting my time. I am no longeracting again."
We learnt that all efforts to calm this actress down proved abortive as she went ahead to rain curse on Bruno. The movie set this incident happened has some A-list stars on parade.


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