Monday 19 November 2012

NCC To Launch Mobile Network Switch Technology By December

Mobile Number Portability takes off December 2012.. Guess you Guys have heard of this? If not, It was Introduced by NCC alongside some Communication Company like Interconnect, Saab Grintek, Telecordia.
NCC gave this 3 Companies a 5 Year License to Operate, Now you can change your Network without losing your Numbers, Thats wonderful.
Just Imagine using an MTN Number and their Network is Messing up, You can change your Network to Airtel withouting changing your Phone number and Enjoy Good Service, You can also Load Recharge cards of the New Network you Switched to.i.e Load an Airtel Card on an MTN Sim..
This will make the Nigeria Communication Service Providers Sit Right.
Thanks to NCC but what's your view on this?

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Source; Naijaloaded

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