Thursday 27 December 2012

Soaring Higher by Olusanya Bayo

   The first time I was intimated about this topic, something struck my mind, I mean something that has a lot to do with your astronomical rise to fame and prominence in this generation. So get up now, come on board as we drive safely to our glorious destination in Jesus name.

   First and foremost, the truth is that so many of us have been unable to soar higher due to the disastrous experience we have had in the past. I mean we have refused to forgive our villains or forgive ourselves let alone bury the hatchet. Believe me sincerely, the more you keep the hatchet unburied the more you linger at a spot uncomfortably heart-broken. One of the tips you must know is “believe and accept the fact that life isn’t a bed of roses”. At a time or another, every person has had both sweet and sour as well as the good and bad side of life. Let’s take the story of my life for instance. Since the first day I touched down on this earth, my life has been a miracle. My mother often tells me that I was almost confined to instead of my legs, using my buttocks as a means of movement. I could not talk as early as it could have expected of a child of my nature, but that it took God’s intervention. My mother had often admitted her consternation to my situation. In fact, she had often been indebted to God on my behalf. Come to think of it, my years growing up have been beset by uncertainties, skepticism and intense auguries. I started my primary school in a public school, and later by some divine intervention, was withdrawn to a private school which later led to my eventual enrolment to a public school from which I gained admission to a secondary school, CMS grammar school Akoka, then as at the period of my admission was a public (government owned school) until it was returned to Missionary owners during the Tinubu Administration in Lagos State. Of a truth, I have had several ups and downs in life up till my days in this University. Alongside this, you must know and accept the fact that life is also unpredictable; it turns different sides to different people at different times.

   You must also know and accept the fact that you are the author of your own best-selling story. To buttress this fact, I would suggest you pick up a book by Pastor Niyi Adebanjo titled “Child of destiny”. You are the one to determine whether your story will sell or not. Therefore don’t bother about those ugly things you are passing through now because they are the suspense in your story that will captivate your reader, viewer and listener and make them buy it and recommend it to others. It is until you accept them as ingredients to your story that you begin to discover life and make the best out of it. So my submission on this is that if you are not soaring higher in life, it’s no one’s fault but yours.

   Another basic fact you must know, believe and accept is that you must let go and let God. No wonder the King James Version of the book of Philippians 3:7-2 buttresses this salient truth.

  Conclusively, you must also know and accept the patent nature of these three periods; yesterday, today and tomorrow so as to understand fully the prerequisites to soaring higher in life. First you must know that yesterday is gone though it seemed you had it before. Secondly, today is the only period of your life that you have control over so act fast before it’s too late. Don’t mess up with today because it’s the most defining moment of your life and without it there will be no tomorrow. Lastly, you should know that tomorrow doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to one person who is the Alpha and Omega but as true as this, you still have a huge role to play today to secure your tomorrow. Those who waste today, dash their tomorrow but I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that as much as you utilize your today, your tomorrow will be alright. You shall soar higher in Jesus name. I love you.

                                                                                   Bayo Olusanya Israel

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