Sunday 2 February 2014

New Article: 5 Productivity Tips From Some Of The World’s Top Entrepreneurs

With so many tasks and expectations we’re expected to accomplish and fulfil, how can we manage our time productively? We can learn a lot from the world’s top leaders and entrepreneurs, and here are five of the best productivity tips they suggest:

1. Have A Single Purpose
“Focus on what matters most”. When we prioritise one single thing at a time it is easier to manage and complete to a good standard, instead of spreading our efforts over multiple endeavours.
2. Block Out Distractions
Whether this be from others around us or from our computer, if you want to get something done all of your attention must be focused on it.
3. Set Out Strict Time Limits On Meetings
This creates a more productive flow, allowing more things to be handled whilst also allowing time for multiple different subjects to be addressed.
4. Productivity Rituals
Get a system going!
5. Get Up Earlier
More time to get things done! “Mind Over Mattress”!

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