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Faculty Of Education (EDIFIERS) Award Nominee List

As part of the aim of achieving the proposed goal of the Faculty Of Education dinner and award night, the planning committee have decided to publish the award nominee list. Please note that every person/group on this list have been critically examined via valid psychometric criterion but you are very free to reprimand us with your comments. Please note that this is the nominee list for the faculty as a whole and not for the final year students alone.The nominees are as follows

Entrepreneur (Male)

Atkins - CEO Atkins Clothing (G&C)400L
Femi - CEO Fm Designs (Eco)400L
Seun Fash - CEO Faces Events(G&C)400L
Bayo Owolabi - CEO Cribs Clothing(CSIT/Acc)

Enterprenuer (Female)

Sheedar Sparkles (Acc)400L
Wunmi (Bbe)400L
Dayo (Acc)400L
Uju (Eng Edu)400L

Most Creative(Female)
Tutu-Abinibi Creations (Eco)400L
Ty Make Overs(SSHE)400L
Herbeeke Glamour (Eco)400L
Xtrema collections(ACC)400L

Most Creative (Male)

Beejay Gleam Glean(EFM/BBE)300L
D.J Ksolo(CSIT)200L
Olatunde Wealth 200L
Tunny Absolute Heart (CSIT/Eco)400L
Bruz (CSIT) 100L
Agbaje Enoch(EFM)200L

Most Fashionable (Male)

Mayowa Mirage (English)400L
Sheni (Acc)400L
Olumide (Eco)400L
Amaechi (Eco)400L

Most Fashionable (Female)

Wunmi (BBE)400L
Nike Anjorin (G&C)400L
Labake (G&C)400L
Nike Meadows (English)400L
Mary Jubilee (EFM/BBE)300L
Zee (G&C)200L
Folaranmi Idowu O. (CSIT/Acc)200L
Balogun Omowunmi
Raheem Omobolanle Azeezat

Most Beautiful

Charity (CSIT)400L
Jade (EFM)400L
Nike Meadows(EFM)400L

Bold 5

Sheeda Sparkles (Acc)400L
Precious (G&C)400L
Dayo (Science)400L
Oshinaike Boluwatife(G$C)200L

Top Model

Ronke Giwa (Eco)400L
Jade (English)400L
Tomi (English)400L
Tutu (Eco)400L
Elizabeth (Bus Admin)400L
Okolie Queen Imoma (CSIT/Pol Sci)200L

Political Icon

Tobi (Acc)400L
Shile (Eco)400L
Badmus (Pol)400L
Tunde (Sos)400L
Deji Dada (GRP)400L
Sir Teejay (Science)400L
Senator AZ (efm)400L
Remy (efm)400L
Akogun (sshe)400L
Ben 10 (csit)400L
Kaka (Efm)400L
Senator Mike (CSIT) 300L

Most Expensive (Male)

Mayowa Mirage (English)400L
G Money (Acc)400L
Akt (Eco)400L
Olumide (Eco)400L
Golden Milex (Bus Admin)400L
Ligali (Sshe)400L
Owolabi (G&C)400L
Doyin (Sshe)400L

Most Expensive (Female)

Nkem (Bus Admin)400L
Charity (Bus Admin)400L
Labake (G&C)400L
Raji Aminat Abiodun (EFM/G$C)200L
Zee (G&C)200L

Entertainment Icon

Ydiz (Bus Admin)400L
Zanna (Eco)400L
Cupcake (G&C)400L
Sign P (Bus Admin)400L
Dereal (EFM/BBE)300L

Take Home To Mama

Wunmi (Bbe)400L
Fisayo (English)400L
Yinka (Acc)400L
Sumbo (Eco)400L
Tutu (Eco)400L
Jummy (EFM/BBE300L
Shofolahan Bimbo (CSIT)200L
Adeola (G&C)300L

Sophisticated (Male)

Mayowa Mirage (English)400L
Kunle Pegasus(EFM) 400L
Imole (Eco)400L
Olumide (Eco)400L

Sophisticated (Female)

Nkem (Bus Admin)400L
Charity (Bus Admin)400L
Wunmi (Bbe)400L
Ereola Saka A. (Csit/acc)200L

Most Attractive

Ronke Giwa (Eco)400L
Tope (Npe)400L
Jade (English)400L

Best Clique (Male)

Atkins & Friends (G&C)400L
Kezman & Friends (Eco)400L
Ydiz & Friends (Bus Admin)400L
Paulo & Friends (Science)400L
Energy & Friends (Acc)400L
Long Man & Friends (Sshe)400L

Best Clique (Female)

Labake & Friends (G&C)400L
Alice & Friends (Hds)400L
Dayo & Friends (Science)400L
Sola & Ronke (Eco)400L
Mary & Friends CMT (EFM/BBE)300L
Yetunde & Friends (EFM/G&C) 300L
Osunbanjo Tosin & Friends 200L
Folake Famobio& Friends (BBE) 300L
Tope & Friends(ACC)400L

Musical Act

Ydiz (Bus Admin)400L
Sign P (Bus Admin)400L
Tunny (Eco)400L
Mac B (Acc)400L
Mr. Ben (Sos)400L
Sola Marvellous (Bus Admin)400L

Miss Endowed

Cupcake (G&C)400L
Jennifer (Eco)400L
Dami (Pol)400L
Precious (G&C)400L
Wunmi (Science)400L
Habibat Dele(G&C)300L
Habibat (CSIT)300L


Sir Teejay (Science)400L
Badmus (Pol)400L
Tobi (Acc)400L
Cupcake (G&C)400L
Bolaji Iron Lady(SSHE)300L
Alfa lateef(ECO)300L

Most Popular (Male)

Paulo (Science)400L
Emeka (Bus Admin)400L
Samanja (SSHE)400L
Shile (EFM)400L
Gov IB(ECO)300L

Most Popular (Female)

Lizzy (Pol)400L
Cupcake (G&C)400L
Yetunde (G&C)300L
Mz ruthy(EFM)100L

Ebony (Male)

Golden Milex (Bus Admin)400L
Zanna (Eco)400L
Kiwi (Science)400L
Damola (Eco)400L
Odubela Biola (BBE)300L
D'Twelve (CSIT/Eco)400L
Iwuh Anthony (Csit/ bus admin)200L

Ebony (Female)

Sola (Eco)400L
Yinka (Acc)400L
Balkis (Acc)400L
Oyinda (Science)400L
Olamide (English) 400L
Olaoti Yinka (BBE)300L

Best Couple

Columbus & Titi 400L
Oluwo & Ope 400L
Akt & Taiwo 400L
Emeka & Dammy 400L
Bayo & Bola 300L
Ife (csit/bus admin) & Feranmi (efm/bbe) 200L

Mr. Personality

Ibk 400L (G&C)
Remi 400L (Bbe)
Beejay Gleam Glean(BBE)300L
Seun Fash 400L(efm/G$C)

Miss. Personality

Nkem 400L (csit/Bus Admin)
Charity 400L (csit/Bus.Admin)
Ogungbe Mojisola A. (Csit/Bio)

Most Reserved (Male)

Paul 400L (csit/Biology)
Gabriel 400L (csit/eco)
Odubela Biola(BBE)300L

Most Reserved (Female)

Seun 400L (csit/Eco)
Ester Makinde 400L (EFM/G&C)
Oluchi 400L (SSHE)
Asafa Ebun (Csit/social studies)
Ope (EFM/English)300L

Miss Portable

Wunmi 400L (EFM/Bbe)
Fisayo 400L ( EFM/English)
Nike Anjorin 400L (csit/G&C)
Victoria 400L (csit/Acc)
Ope 400L (csit/Acc)
Eniafe Abosede 400L(csit/Sos)

Sport Icon

Salome 400L (Sshe)
Akogun 400L (Sshe)
Longman 400L (Sshe)
Zyno 400L(Sshe)
Ib 400L (csit/Eco)

Hour Glass
Ayomikun (CSIT/Acc)300L
Ope (EFM/English)
Yetunde (EFM/BBE)300L

Faculty Of Education Ambassador

Tobi 400L csit
Zanna 400L csit
Ydiz 400L csit
Badmus 400L csit
Cupcake 400L EFM

Rookie of the Year

Mz Ruthy 100L EFM
Bruz 100L CSIT

Please remember that you can express your discomfort with any of the nominees and also tell us those you deem legible for any category that we missed out via your comments. For inquiries call Zanna on 08054075500, BB Pin: 25E23D53

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