Tuesday 19 August 2014

10 ways to get rid of dandruff Naturally

Are you afraid wearing black garments getting you caught on your dandruff by others? Here is the easy solution for your worry, following which you can get rid of the dandruff. Firstly, dandruff causes due to circumstances that causes scalp shred the skin cells more speedily than normal. It tends to happen over the matter of 2-3 days where the actual time for this process is a month. Dandruff is generally caused by the formation of yeasts over the scalp.

The following are the steps that are expected to take to get rid of the dandruff the right way:

1 ) Wash your hairs regularly:
Dandruff is caused because of the yeast deposition on the scalp. If the scalp is kept clean by having regular scalp washes reduces the possibility of yeast deposition on the scalp and reducing on the peeling off the dead cells of the scalp.

2 )Look for the perfect dandruff shampoo for you:
Everyone scalp condition varies from individual to individual, as we have more than 411 types of scalps all over. It might be the case that the dandruff shampoo might prove helpful for one and not show results to someone else. This is just because of the scalp conditions of the two different individuals. There are multiple brands into production of anti-dandruff shampoos. You can keep switching on the brands till you get the hold of the right one for you.

3 )Giving time to the dandruff shampoo to work :
Once you are set with the dandruff shampoo giving you results with no side effects – meaning its suiting your health. After application of shampoo to your head allow it to remain there for a few minutes so it works over the issue and deliver the expected results.

4 )Brush your hairs after the shower or shampoo:
After successfully having a shampoo or shower, brushing your hairs will help to distribute the amount of moisturizer that is gifted by the shower Habit of combing your hairs helps in giving out the oil naturally occurring in your scalp and hair over the entire surface of your head. The helping strokes for brushings would be – starting from the scalp, brushing outward to help distribute oil from the scalp along your entire head.

5 )Avoid stress and stressful situation:
Stress might be the cause of the dandruff formation in your case, so try to manage your stress in healthy and effective way.

6)Take herbal rinse:
Taking herbal rinse might prove to be helpful for getting rid of dandruff instantly. Try applying lemon juice with the rind on the scalp, leave it for couple of minutes and then wash off with shampoo and fresh water.

7)Drink lemon juice:
Even drinking a fresh lemon juice may prove helpful and give effective results.

8)Use of neem leaves:
Add two handfuls of neem leaves to four-five cups of water – Let it stand overnight. Next morning use that liquid to rinse the hairs.

9)Weekly heena treatments:
Heena helps in restoring normal balance, preventing the dandruff. General treatment for a complete hair care treatment.

10 )Eat healthy:
Follow eating a healthy food helping the scalp benefitted with the required amount of the proteins and other required oils for the hair care treatment.

I hope these tips would help in its own way.

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