Tuesday 28 October 2014

5 Tips To Improve Social Media Engagement

Its not news that Social Media Platforms have now been a serious tool for businesses and individuals for marketing, communication, customer care, sales and lots more. This is because businesses acknowledge that they can get to some of their potential customers

who are far away through these social media platforms. Individuals also use the platforms as a cheap and convenient tool for communication. In the light of this, here are tips for improving your social media engagement:

1. Use Pictures:The pictures used need to be catchy, most appropriate and “instagram-worthy”. They should be able to ensure that your fan stops as he scrolls down his social feed and eventually clicks.

2. Use Smileys :Smileys make posts more personal and friendly. The best facebook and instagram posts have smileys. Best way to use them is to ensure that they drive the emotion in the photo attached. Smileys guarantee likes and shares on any post.

3.Better Captions and CTA’s : The best way  to explain this is say it just as you would tell  your buddy. Our social media outlets are  made up of friends, fans and brands/people  we follow. Hence there is a need to sound  cool so you can gain and retain fans. You  can get started with the following phrases  “Check this out”, “We are excited to…”,  “doing-the-happy-dance”, “LMAO”. Be more  personal and see  enjoy the difference.

4. Backlinks :From our experience, facebook is the best social network as regards backlinks. According to wiki,  Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. Inasmuch as you are excited to share that info with your fans in the best creative way, you need not to forget that your website needs quality regular visitors. After composing that exciting post, do your website a favour and add a backlink. Sharing links on facebook are the best compared to twitter and other social platforms because it makes a hyperlink of the full image.

5. Customer Service : If a fan tweets at your handle or comments on your Facebook post and never receives a response, trust is lost. Over time your customer turns to your competition, simply because of poor communication . On the other hand, when you deliver a thoughtful response  in a timely manner that visitor is impressed and intrigued by your brand. This automatically builds your authority. However, negative feedback needs to be addressed as well, preferably with patience and respect. Always think of your social media channels as an opportunity to show how awesome you are.

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