Wednesday 29 October 2014

Be Unique In Your Ways by Balogun Omotola

My definition for creativity is an uncommon way of doing common things. Have it at the back of your mind that you are not the first person to engage in that activity, but the difference is the approach you give to it. Despite the large number of musicians in the world, we can still
point out the best in a particular genre. What makes someone the best musician? It is the uniqueness in such person's music, the distinctiveness in the message he passes. 'Creativity can provide all the solutions to the complex problems of the workplace. Creative thing is a positive, generative force that uses imagination to power business. Wole Soyinka, born in 1934, Nigerian playwright, poet, novelist and lecturer. I am sure he was not the only writer or poet at his time and might not even be the best in terms of grandiloquence and orotundity.

However, in 1986, Soyinka became the first African writer, the first black writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature. This he achieved through the creativity he introduced in his writings. The question you should ask yourself is, are you just doing things the way it has always been done or are you adding your uniqueness, remember,if you do the same thing, the same way and you expect a different result then you are insane. However poor you are, however unproductive your business appears to be and however common it is, you can make yours unique by adding creativity. 'CREATIVITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN
Albert Einstein
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Do the usual thing in an unusual way. A creative person never run dry of imperative ideas, creativity also brings out the originality in you. Let me vividly remind you of this - during the mid 90's there was nothing like satchet water. Ice water was the business of the day then. But someone,somewhere sat down observing things and finally came up with the idea 'SATCHET WATER', he pened it down and finally gave birth his idea and tag it PURE WATER. He struck the market and made his money before IDEA COPIERS woke up.

Creativity will bring out the sense in every senseless thing; a popular proverb says there is nothing new under the sun and that no business can be strange, this might be true but with creativity, there will be a difference and a unique change. Let me tell you this bitter truth, you are not the only person on earth thinking  of that good and productive thing in your mind. Therefore, that good thing you are thinking about let it be known to only you and make sure you are very fast in its manifestation. I'm done with a particular book which is under thorough editing presently,this book is common in the market today but I came up with another idea and system which this book lacks. All I'm saying is that you can come up with new idea by scrutinizing similar ideas. Our imaginations bring creative solutions to many problems, so let's encourage ourselves to use creative imaginations life.

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