Saturday 4 October 2014

MIXTAPE: DJ KAYCEE'A (@DJkaycee_a) - Music911 HipHop Unleashed Mixtape

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There are Mixtapes,and There's a "mix tape" "hiphop unleashed mix tape volume 2 is of the most sought after.which has been analysed by top Deejays and has proven its quality. Its a mixture of club banger hits from selected international acts which have carved their niche on
the sand of time. That all and sundry crave to grab their hits. But here we bring to you all
their lovely club hits for your listening pleasure. Finely brewed and niched by phc finest DJ"DJ KAYCEE'A

1.Sean Paul - Gimme the Light
2.Shaggy - shake Shake
3.Limidee - Uh Uh
4.Sean Paul - Get busy
5.Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go
6.Sean Paul - Like Glue
7.Kelvin Little - Nothing Not
8.Beenie Man - Miss LAP
9.Wayne Wonder - Bounce Along
10.Wyclef - The Industry
11.R Kelly - Snake
12.Shaggy - Leave me Alone
13.Azadus - Madam
14.Sean Paul - Top of the game
15.Sean Paul - Can you do
16.Choppa - shake it like that
17.Sean Paul - Concrete
18.Shaggy - Full Control
19.Beenie Man - Let him go
20.Wayne Wonder - Friend like me
21.Sean Paul - Baby Boy
22.R Kelly - pick up the Phone
23.Busta Rhymes - Make I clap
24.R Kelly - Thoin Thoin
25.Shaggy - Lucky Day
26.Sean Paul - I'm still in Love
27.Shaggy - strange love
28.Sean Paul - Always on my mind


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