Saturday 29 November 2014

Mustard Seed [@Awoboy4seed] lauches debut Album on 14th Dec. 2014 featuring Ruff Coin, Slow Dog Hype Mc and others

Mustard Seed porpularly know by his fans as Obere Aba, is set to launch his debut Album on Sunday 14th December 2014 at the Sugarland Ministry of Entertainment (Luxury City Hotles Aba).
The Album itself features A-List art from the east Like Ruff Coin Nwaba, Sym19, Slowdog, Gentle, Saga, Xtenbaba, Exnel and many others with the production coming from the Nkwasmith, Akeem da beat(responsible for the production of Timaya's Debut single), Shakerman, Shkaergbum and others it is Titled Mustard FM 107.7.

The event will serve as gathering of all top entertainers in south-east Nigeria which include Ruff Coin, Hype MC99e

Bosalin, Slowdog, Exnel, Xtenbaba, Gentle, Treasure gold, Master g, MC Cogency, 2can talk, Paparazy, MC DBiggest, DJ Elchizzy(e-Connection), Collenshy, Gibson, Paddy Patrick, MC uralph, 2000BC, MC Imbecile, MR nancy and many others.

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