Thursday 13 November 2014

Scubeat As'arailu {@scubeat} Of Arailu Music Production Academy Set To Release Genesis Free Beat Vol. 3

Once upon a time,man found music. Then, people started trying to carry it along with them so they deviced ways to record it...overtime it became digital but the power in the Yoruba talking drum couldn't be translated purely into digital sounds.

Then a man came with the first electronic Yoruba talking drum and decided to bake good music production sounds using africa as the main recipe...he called his new invention 'Arailu'.

Then,the Arailu Music Production Academy was formed to teach this new form of life to the world within a two year period theoretically and practically.

Two specimens of his jobs (Mama Vol 2 and Genesis free beat Vol 3)  will be released soon as reference, look out for it. He has decided to begin in University Of Lagos Nigeria ....we sincerely hope they're ready.

Scubeat Asarailu.

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