Sunday 7 December 2014

Dear God Of Africa, By Ayorinsola Obisanya

God, while you created the world, you created one wo/man who later degenerated to people living in the seven continents. While Africans natural complexion is black, others looked like people brought out of red oil. Africans nose were different from pointed ones like nails. Of course, we can’t question what you have done. Hence, we should be gratefully be happy with the place we've found ourselves.

Whether Africa is a country blessed with developed... Sorry, underdeveloped countries, that’s not the point now. Despite our underdevelopment, we’re inwardly filled with joy because we've not suffered volcanic eruption, earth tremor, etc.
Though, we've encountered multiple civil wars, people murdered by terrorists, insecurity, inept government and other filthy things. We pray and hope this time shall pass.
However, wetin happen be sey, many  things don change gan for Africa wey you create. You no go believe sey many years ago, if our ladies dress, people no dey see the natural things wey you dash dem. But now, ha, kasala don burst. If these women never wear clothes wey go show us the lines between the chest, hips you gave them and that booticulous back side, God, dem never dress. The koko is that, some hips be like legs of local fowls wey don run the fats out. Some chest sef no too big. God, no be sey I dey yab them but the truth is even with these small things they still display it like public wares. Ha! I no fit forget Chanel OOH Haward.
When asked if the dressing was polite, they'll tell the tales of civilization as if na dem start the thing and question your ability to disturb their freedom of dressing half-naked.
Dear God, there is something they call Small Sister Africa. That programme is presumed to unite all Africans. But, chai!! Wetin I dey see no dey unite ooo. That place is to display and market the natural seeds. I mean, when you dey bathroom, camera go dey cover the hilltops at the back and the oranges in the front yard. There too, dem dey do Jacuzzi enjoyment. All in all, illicit enjoyment dey there for two months. God, no be say I dey judge them ooo. I no fit. For that house, men no carry last. Dem sabi use that rod wey you give them. Today na dis one and that one playing match. Tomorrow is that one and this one locking up under soapy water. Anyway na dem sabi wetin dey happen.
God of Africa, our men don turn to another thing. These goons fit poka our ladies intestines out. Anything in skirt, they crawl after like snail moving from Mushin to Lekki. Until they misuse that long stick, their body no dey farabale. Dem go dey shiver like person wey run mental. I fear these guys gan oo.
Many things dey sele for Africa, the political things go soon dey another letter wey I go transport to you soonest.
The koko is that, please and please have mercy on us and help us from being brainwashed by everything wey Oyibo people they do. Dem case na different thing entirely.
Your son.
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