Wednesday 27 May 2015

Five Comedy Movies You Shouldn't Miss

Just like music, you all have your favourite genre when it comes to movies, yet it is impossible for someone to ignore a very good comedy movie even if your genre are horror movies. Like they say "laughter is the best medicine" and what other way can you laugh your hearts out expect seen a comedy movie. Below are five comedy movies that you mustn't miss

The Interview
Considering the controversies surrounding this movie before it release, no one would ever thought as a comedy movie. The movie featured James Franco and Seth Rogen two of my own favourite comedy actor I love to watch, the CIA kept the faith of the world in their hand by asking them to kill Kim Jong-un the youngest and most feared leader in North Korea when they learned about their planned interview with the leader. This movie would end up been the most notorious comedy movie of all time, that am very such of.

Pain and Gain
I am not sure is I have seen an action movie that is this funny, I remembered when I first saw the trailer of this movie I was getting ready for a full action packed movie considering the fact that it featured Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), that wasn't the case when I finally saw the movie. The comic scene in the movie was far movie than the action and trust me The Rock and Mark did some pretty good comic act in this one.

Bad Santa
Quick warning, this isn't a comedy movie you want to watch with your children because it is profane and a little bit disgusting yet it is incredibly funny. No one could have done better justice to this movie than Billy Bob Thornton,he is hard-hitting and makes the film more enjoyable.

Beverly Hills Cop
This is one of Eddie Murphy classic movie and with Eddie you are guarantee to always laugh your hearts out.This is one of his best combine genre movie, nice bend of action and comedy that would blow your mind.

Johnny English Reborn
To be honest I only knew this actor as "Mr Bean" someone that doesn't talk yet has some of the best comic short movie I have ever seen. Rowan Atkinson was the star man in Johnny English Reborn, as he act like a spy, the most serious role I am sure he has ever acted but that didn't stop him from been Mr. Bean. Imagine a spy with refined skills yet completely clueless of what to do.

So there you have it, get this movies and begin to laugh your hearts out.

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