Friday 22 May 2015

Four Amazing Movies To Be Released Before The Year Runs Out

We have seen loads of fantastic movies already this year from the likes of Fast and Furious 7 to 50 Shades of Grey yet I am telling you we haven’t  seen anything as more movies are about to hit the theaters real soon. Below are 4 movies yet to come this year.
1.  Amy
This movie is a documentary movie about the life of late singer Amy Winehouse, I am sure you all remember her. At the recent 2015 Cannes Film Festival AMY was one of the most talked-about film, the film is said to examine the life of the young singer, who passed away at the age of 27. The film has a never-before-seen footage of Amy and also her own personal journals. The director of the film, Asif Kapadia has created an interesting examination of the life of the star, revealing to the public previously unknown information, in the movie trailer, Amy’s unmistakable voice can still be clearly recognized, even four years after her death. Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning on July 23rd, 2011, her biggest album, Back to Black, won five Grammys.
 2.  Nostalgia Movie ‘Pixels’
If you have ever played this game then I am sure you must be dying to see what the movie looks likes, I for one haven’t played the game but with the two trailers that I have seen, I am so eager for the release of the movie.
A lot of Hollywood movies on alien invasion and how they are always planning to destroy the earth just to save their own planet but Enter Pixels tell a tale of an alien invasion in a way you have never seen before. A time capsule that was jettisoned into space in 1982 was discovered and perceived video games included as a declaration of war and some agents of chaos in the form of massive game villains were sent in to play the game. The only way to stop them is to literally beat them at their own game by locating the gaming masters of the 80’s to lead the way. The stars of the film include Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan and the movie is due for release by July 24th 2015. 
3. ‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’
Honestly I must confess I just saw the first Maze Runner about a week ago and really I can’t wait to see this one. “The Maze was just the beginning welcome to the Scorch” with a statement like this from the trailer trust me when I say we are in for a shocker. The trailer shows that there appears to be some kind of conspiracy unfolding and the Maze Runners are just a small piece in the grand scheme of things. From the trailer I am guessing they have left the Maze and they have been transferred to the city, a city that looks like New York buried in sand, it is this new landscape that is called The Scorch and the heroes from the first film are now faced with a new obstacle. “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” would be in theatres by September 18th 2015.
4. Steve Jobs
This might just be the movie that will eventually take over The Social Network in terms of record sales and others. The script for this movie was taken on by screenwriter and Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin ( same person that did The Social Network) a few years ago and was eventually taken under the direction of fellow Oscar-winner Danny Boyle.
Michael Fassbender played the lead role in the movie and it also feature stars like Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniack, Kate Winslet as former Apple marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, and Jeff Daniels as Apple CEO John Sculley. With the first trailer of the movie that hit the net some days ago fans are already having a feel of what the new biopic movie would be like. The movie is set for release in early October 2015.

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