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#StorySeries: Echoes Of Dust [Final Episode]

This is the final episode of our first story [Echoes Of Dust] in our #StorySeries. If you missed episode 1, click here, for episode 2 click here. The next story begins on Thursday, titled In The Harmattan Season Of 1965. Enjoy.

Echoes Of Dust [Episode 3]
I vowed not to ever join them on such kind of trip again, and i decided that the best thing was to stay off Ahmed and just manage my little world.

Words of Ahmed’s nefarious acts in the ghetto was becoming to alarming, he rapes daughters of ghetto inhabitants anyhow and beats who dare challenges him would be beaten to a pulp, the story that spurred me was when I heard that he raped a man’s wife and when the man confronted him, he ordered his gang member to beat the man and after which he shot the guy on his leg.

I went straight to the motor park where he normally sits with his friends as they collect a certain amount of money as levy for each bus that leaves the park and I saw him sitting down carrying bimbo on his bosom, a girl of thirteen years with no mother and father, her vagina is what she has sacrificed to get meal tickets and I walked in angrily as all his gang noticed that I was really angry and I began to shout in anger

ME: {pointing a finger at Ahmed} you are just confused aswear, see you wey I think say get head sef, you be just mumu

A member of the gang stood up with force, brought out a pistol from the side of his trousers and pointed it at me as he turned to Ahmed

Gang member: Boss who goes dis boy na to dey insult you na! make I waste am for you sharply, see say him wan fall your hand for dis park.

Ahmed stood up, looked at me and then took the gun from the gang member that was shouting and gave him a thundering slap as he pushed him to the floor

AHMED: {his legs on his members tommy} we don be mate abi ? see jonsing boy like you, me and my bone man dey solve our mata, you waka put mouth, Aswear if no be say you don do things for me well well for dis ghetto I for don kill you here now now

He turned to me and smiled and then said

AHMED: Let our childhood friendship be the bond that guides us, but let you not override it with ego

I turned and left in anger because I could do something that I would regret for a long time.


It was exactly two weeks from the day I confronted Ahmed at the park when I heard a loud knock on my door, the food I had prepared to eat was right in my front when I opened my door to see Ahmed standing as he smiled

AHMED: my man how far? you dey avoid me since

ME: Why you go talk like that, I have been really busy

AHMED: Oya come follow me make we comot,

Ahmed, Area Scatter , I and a friend to Ahmed. Ahmed was the one driving the car we used as we drove towards the highbrow area, and when we got to a bank by Ikoyi junction, he parked his cars and we all came out, I was confused as to where they were heading because I thought it was any of the eateries or restaurant but when the other occupants in the car did not protest or asked why were stopped there and Ahmed crossed the road while the rest joined and I followed, we were heading towards a very dark corner and that was when fear began to creep it, when we enter the dark place I noticed it looked like an old bakery and Ahmed used his mouth to make a whistle sound and then someone from inside the bakery responded with same whistle and we approached with quick steps, my inner mind was telling me to turn back and leave but I ignored it and tagged along with them.

When we got into the bakery I saw two other guys I had never seen in my life before, holding various types of guns and a heap of bullets, it was then I decided to ask Ahmed what we were here for

ME: bro please tell me wetin we come do here

AHMED: {smiling} Na now I know say you foolish, you see us with all this gun yet you still dey ask me that kind question, okay if you wan know make i tell you, na dat bank wey we park our car for the side na dia we wan go rob, collect better money wey we go fit use do something.

I almost fainted as those words came out of his mouth, and I was caught on the fence, should I run back home or follow them and continue in the robbery, We all were given guns and as we sat in the dark in circle, my heart was racing fast, my feet were failing me as sweat cover my whole body, I moved towards Ahmed in the dark and asked him in whispers

ME: Why you no tell me say na omila package na where I dey follow you go

Area Scatter heard what I said and sighed

AREA SCATTER: Oga Ahmed you no try, how we go dey go dis kind waka you no tell am say na omila job

Ahmed didn’t say a word and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and held it tight while he struggled for breath that was when he decided to speak

AHMED: So all the money you dey chop since, you no know say na omila money abi? today you go follows us go hustle for am

As we struggled with each other, tumbling ourselves and rolling on the ground, we heard whistle sound and we paused, that was when one of the guys we met at the bakery yard said

MEMBER: Na the sign be this, that bimbo girl na correct babe, make una stop to dey mumu dia

We held hands and Area Scatter decided to pray

AREA SCATTER: Ogene doh, baba your children don come again, we know say we be sinner and we want make you bone all the mumu things we dey do, even this one do now, ogene make the thing go smooth, we pray in Jesus name

We took the same bush path, with Ahmed leading the way, when we got to the bank, our car parked by the fence with small bimbo inside smoking was what we climbed and it made jumping over the fence quite easy and Ahmed jumped inside the bank compound while the rest of us followed his steps, Ahmed and Area Scatter went straight to the security post, as the bank guards were caught unaware and he brought them out with their up as he pointed his rifle at both of them, Ahmed ordered them to sit down while the two other guys we met at the bakery, turned their face towards another direction and then wore masks that they brought out from their pocket, Area Scatter tied their hands and legs and then blindfolded them with their mouth tied too.

For every successful heist, there must be an insider that would reveal virtually all the stumbling blocks you might encounter, the two guys we from the bakery walked straight to the bank door, one brought out a huge bunch of keys as he carefully searched through the dark for the key that opens the bank door, the moment he picked one out of the bunch of keys, inserted it into the key hole and the door opened!.

We walked into the bank and I was now in tremendous fear, the taller guy amongst the guys we met at the bakery, knew where all bank camera’s where hidden as he turned in swift directions, switching off all the camera’s as the other lead us to the bank vault, the vault is made of large steel metal with the entrance in circular shape, a large key was extracted from an enclosure in the wall and the bank vault was opened.

Naira of all denomination filled the vault and I was shocked, the two guys, Area Scatter, Ahmed and I began to pack money into large bags, we packed these notes for over an hour, our bags got filled and we all carried each heavy bag of naira notes, when we got out of the bank, we noticed that the security guards we tied were nowhere to be found, Ahmed positioned his gun well as we headed towards the fence, that was when the two security guard fired shots at us, there was a huge exchange of bullets between us and the security guards, first to take the hit from the bullet was one of the security guard, a shot from Area Scatter almost ripped his thighs apart as he fell to the ground and the other guard dragged him and decided to take shield at the back of their security post, Ahmed threw his back over the fence and we all did the same, and we heard Bimbo open the door, then the booth of the car was opened as threw all the bags into the booth and we all jumped over the fence successfully.

We all jumped into the car and Ahmed drove off in high speed, we began to celebrate for a successful robbery and just few minutes close to the express, we ran into a police checkpoint and I told Ahmed to slow down so that we would pass smoothly but Area Scatter refused, as Ahmed drove past them without stopping, the police men jumped into their van and chased us, and then Area scatter stupidly brought out his gun and fired shots at the police van, and they went into a shooting spree, the police hit Ahmed straight to the head and he died instantly, our car was left to swerve at the mercy of nobody and that was when Area Scatter opened the car door and jumped out of the moving car, his body was not even allowed to touched ground as bullets rained on him, it was then that bimbo began to cry, and I dragged the staring and was able to bring the car to a halt as rammed into a tree, I brought out my hand out of the car as a sign that I have surrendered, and I opened the car door, came out and laid flat on the ground, the other guys from the bakery raised their hands too, but the moment they came out, they shot a police man and other fired shots and they dropped dead right before my eyes, Bimbo began to cry as she shouted

BIMBO: Kidnappers! Officer na kidnappers dis people be oh! for two months now na im dis people hold me.

They brought her out as I watched the imp feigned tears I was handcuffed, crowd had gathered at the scene, people taking pictures of me and the dead members, all the money from the bank was displayed, but I noticed foul play, the bags was meant to be six rather it was five.

I was taking to the police station, beaten till pain meant nothing to me again, Bimbo was set free and she kept bringing food for me at the police station, the day D.P.O called for my attention, a policeman brought me out of the cell and took me to the D.P.O’s office, I walked into the man I saw his pictures in my mothers box, I didn’t even wait for him to tell me the reason why he brought me to his office

ME: Officer I am sisi eko’s son and your picture is all over my house, sisi eko is dead

D.P.O: Jesus Christ! You can’t be my son.

                                                                     {The End}

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