Tuesday 14 July 2015

10 Reasons Why A Real Man Won’t Cheat On His Partner!

Is he a boy, or is he a man? Unfortunately, far too many of the male species on the dating market fall short of the mark: just because he has the years to his name doesn’t mean that he’s earned his manly stripes. “Manning up” doesn’t just mean being macho, lifting heavy things, and taking out the trash when it’s full; it means treating the woman you’re with with the respect that she deserves. In fact, one of the most boyish things that a guy can do is cheat; and here are all the reasons why.

1. Real men communicate
If a man’s sex life is lacking or unfulfilled in some way, a real man understands how to appropriately communicate that with his partner so that he gets what he needs while maintaining his current relationship. Real men talk about their issues rather than let them go unspoken until these issues boil over into something much larger than they were in the first place.

2. Real men keep their eyes on the prize
A real man knows what’s important in life and knows how to deal with his business in order to achieve those important things. His relationship with the woman he loves is a crucial piece to this, and any real man understands how to do what he has to do to keep this relationship vibrant and healthy… including not cheating.

3. Real men know stability
Emotional stability only comes to those mature enough to discuss their feelings and deal with them in an appropriate way. A proper outlet might be sports, martial arts, or painting… but definitely not the girl next door. Real men know how to keep themselves emotionally healthy and exercise what they must do in order to achieve this stability.

4. Real men exhibit willpower
Keeping it in your pants is a fundamental precept of growing up. While sexual desires and urges are completely natural, a real man knows when to keep his fantasy life inside his own head. Exhibiting the willpower necessary to do this is a skill that any real man will cultivate within himself.

 5. Real men don’t add notches to their belts
 Sexual encounters just to have sexual encounters are one thing, but real men don’t indulge in sex  simply to tell the story after. This is equally true of checking off some kind of sexual escapades “hit  list”. Real men know that sex is more than just a physical act; that the emotional connotations can be  numerous and far-reaching. Real men treat this act with the respect that it deserves.

6. Real men aren’t in it for the booty
While a hook-up is one thing, a real man wouldn’t get involved with a woman that he doesn’t love or believe that he might one day grow to love. Women are not objects; and real men know that they shouldn’t be treated as such. Cheating objectifies both the woman you are with, and the woman you are supposed to be with.

7. Real men show graciousness
Cheating is a selfish act that shows you putting yourself before someone you supposedly love. Real men don’t do that; they take care of those around them before they take care of themselves. While it’s important to maintain yourself and keep yourself happy, it’s doubly important to make those around you happier still.

8. Real men don’t hurt women
Doing harm to a woman is not how your mother raised you and cheating is hurting a woman you supposedly love. Chivalry is not dead; it just lives on in the men who keep it alive. Think of how much harm you are doing; what if that harm were physical? Real men don’t abuse women; and cheating amounts to emotional abuse.

9. Real men have guts
If cheating is a consideration on your mind, then you clearly have some trouble with the relationship you’re in and you need to work some things out for yourself. A real man would have the guts to cut things off with their current partner to work out their own issues without letting fear get in their way.

10. Real men understand respect
When you cheat, you lie. When you lie, you break the trust of a woman who deserves better. If she has given you the privilege of her company, she deserves the respect that is due. Your partner is not just a lover but also a friend and, most importantly, a human being. Real men would show her the respect she deserves.

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