Monday 13 July 2015

Another Hunger Games Video Teaser

In order to get you hyped up and ready to go for the release of the last epic story of the Hunger Games, the Producers of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part2 have decided to release another teaser that is full of style that would definitely send a chill down your back.
For those that have been following the series, they should get ready to see the fight of a life time as this final installment will depict an all out war between District 13 and the Capital, the teaser shows the army of District 13 all geared up and ready for battle as every soldiers are dressed in white doing a number of different drills and acrobatics steps with their guns.

These armies were led by a figure whom was dressed in all red and as the soldiers continued with their steps the figure moved to their front and that was how it revealed to be Katniss. As she stood in front of her troops they made one final move just to show off their Revolution Symbol.

Click HERE to watch the video

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