Monday 27 July 2015

Box Office Top 10 Movies

I am sure we have seen lots of movie so far this year, some were filled with actions that made you almost jumped out of your seat while some are just so interesting that you won’t mind seen it over and over again and there are those ones that made you sleep all through.

Today we are helping you with 10 top movies that you most see not only because they are great movies that would make you stay glued to the screen but also because they are breaking the box office financially and there is only one thing we can say about movies that is bringing in money, they are AWESOME.

1.    Ant Man: This is a superhero movie based on a Marvel Comic character with the name Ant Man. The movies which talks about how a con man must embrace his inner hero to help his mentor protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of immense treats has made a total of Gross $57,225,526 from when it was release till date and it estimated Final Gross is put at $160,000,000.

2.    Minions: This is an animated comedy film and it was on June 17 and since then the movie has made a total of Gross $215,766,440 and it estimated Final Gross is put at $320,000,000. The movie that was directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin talks about the newest recruit of the minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob and how they plan to save the minions tribes from a huge plan of minion annihilation.

3.     Trainwreck: Director by Judd Apatow Trainwreck is a comedy movie where Amy had always believed that monogamy was never possible because of what her dad has put in her head but now that she has met a good guy she many have to face her fears. The movie was released on the 17th of July and has made a Gross income of $30,097,040 while it estimated Final Gross is expected to be $120,000,000.

4.    Inside Out: This is another animation comedy movie and since it releases it has been able to make $306,247,046 as the estimated Final Gross is put at $356,000,000. The film talks about riley a young girl that was taken from her familiar home and how she intends to cope in San Francisco which is now her new home.

5.    Jurassic World: Let us say this if you love adventurous Science Fiction movies then this is the best so far this year and to prove that the movie has a total Gross of $611,228,810 and it estimated to get to $653,000,000 as it Final Gross.   

6.    Terminator: The only thing we have to say about this movie is that if you haven’t seen it then you haven’t seen any movie because this is the best Terminator instalment ever. With a total Gross of $80,642,314 and an estimated Final Gross of $90,000,000 you can say Director Alan Taylor really outdid himself on this one.          

7.    Magic Mike XXL: Three years after Mike bowed out of the strippers life at the top of his game, he and the remaining Kings of Tampa hit the road to Myrtle Beach to put on one last blow out performance. This movie that was directed by Greogory Jacobs has a total Gross of $58,584,009 while it estimated Final Gross is set at $69,000,000

8.   The Gallows:  This movie has a total Gross of $18,102,685 and the estimated Final Gross is put at $24,000,000. Gallows tells us the tale of some small town Nebraska high school students who decided to remount a school play in honour of Charlie Grimille who accidental died during the play twenty years ago. The lead actor for the play and his friends decided to sabotage the set so the performance won’t hold due to the stage fright that was developed by the lead actor but little did they know that Charlie had a different plan for them.

9.    Bajrangi Bhaijaan: With a total Gross of $2,621,282 the Kabir Khan directed movie is expected to make a Final Gross of $7,500,000 and with no argument we can say this is the best India drama movie that has been released this year.

10.  Ted 2: if you enjoyed the part one then believe us when we say it doesn’t get better than this. In the part two of Ted, ted fights what seems like a hopeless battle with the government to regain his legal status as a person and not as a property. So far so good the movie which was release on the 26th of June has a total Gross of $77,359,250 and it estimated Final Gross is set at $87,000,000.

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