Saturday 11 July 2015

For Married Couples: 5 Things A Woman Won't Tell You About Sex

Sex can be an exciting experience and can also be a terrible one depending on the level of understanding that both partners have about each other's sexual nature. This article will actually do more good to the men. Here are five tips to make you understand your woman and please her more. Read below:

1. Porn 
Just because you saw it in a porn doesn't mean women will like it. Most sex in porn is actually not fun for woman. Porn focuses on genital stimulation and good sex is about whole body experiences.

2. Endurance 
In general, endurance is over rated. Just because a woman want sex to last longer than 60 seconds doesn't mean they want it to go on for hours. The vagina's ability to self lubricate doesn't go on forever. So pay attention to her and see how long she wants it.

3. Knowledge 
Most women actually know what will bring them to orgasm. So when you are trying this or trying that and nothing is working it's more likely that she doesn't want to tell you she had been practicing bringing herself to orgasm with masturbation, so developing good communication is crucial so that she feels comfortable telling you.

4. Getting There
Some women have a hard time achieving orgasm so for them, getting there is more trouble than it's worth. That doesn't mean they don't want to have sex, but it means that the orgasm will not be the star of the show. it's OK, they're still enjoying it.

5. Sensitivity
A woman's body is very sensitive when aroused so err on the gentle side. In this case, less is more. Communication is also key so that if she wants you to do something harder or rougher she will tell you.

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