Thursday, 23 July 2015

Joke Of The Day

Akpos attended a wedding.
After the wedding,the reception was a gathering of about 30 people.
He sat at the front seat.
Then a lady started sharing food. She started from the back and unfortunately, it didn’t reach those at the
When her friends started sharing drinks, they started from the front but unfortunately, Akpos had already changed his seat to the back.
Again, the drink didn’t reach him.
Akpos was so furious that he stood up to take his leave, but then he saw three ladies each with a big bowl.
This time, he tried to be wise by seating in the middle.
To his uttermost surprise, one of the ladies started sharing from the front while the second lady started distributing from the back. It was turkey meat. When it got to the middle where he was seated it got finished again
Feeling so frustrated, Akpos bent his head, not looking at any face… .. But then the third lady tapped him and stretched her bowl that he should pick.. he stretched his hand…

Guess what was in the bowl? **TOOTHPICK.**

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