Monday 20 July 2015

Movies You Never Knew Were Based On A Novel

It is not a new thing for filmmakers in Hollywood to pick up a bestselling book and turn it into a bestselling movie but what seems to be happening is that most of us tend to forget where does stories originated from.
For examples we all know that the famous Harry Porter and Twilight movies were all based on popular bestselling novels, we also have the likes of Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demon which are based on the novel written by Dan Brown.
Today we have decided to give you 10 movies that you probably didn't know were based on a novel
  1. He’s Just Not That Into You
This is a romantic movie with some comedy in it. Just like the book, the movie tried to teach us about love and the quirks of relationship. The movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” was based on the self help book with the same name.

  1. Goodfellas
There is no way you want to talk about a bad ass movie in the 90’S that you won’t talk about Goodfellas. The movie was released in 1990 and it became an instantly cult film. This crime filled movie was adapted from the 1986 novel ‘Wiseguy”.

  1. Freaky Friday
The novel that this fantasy comedy movie was adapted from was a 1972 children novel with the same name “Freaky Friday” and it was written by Mary Rodgers. This novel has produced three film versions.

  1. Die Hard
One name comes to mind when we hear the name of this movie and that name is Bruce Willis but I am sure many of you don't know that the Die Hard films were adaptations of the 1979 book titled “Nothing Lasts Forever” which was written by Roderick Thorp.
  1. Matilda
This was one movie I enjoyed watch while I was growing up. I mean I enjoyed the funny wicked act Matilda did to that her teacher. This 1996 movie was based on a 1988 novel that was written by Roald Dahl, it had same name with the movie.

  1. Shrek
Before becoming one of the biggest heroic animated movies, the film Shrek had already made name as a children book back in 1990. “Shrek” the novel was written by William Steig

  1. Jumanji
This 1995 film was adapted from Chris Van Allsburg 1981 novel titled Jumanji. This movie was very popular among children back then as it shows us what happened when you tried cheating on a Jumanji board game.

  1. Clueless
I am sure many of us are also Clueless that this popular sitcom was from 1815 novel titled “Emma” and it was written by Jane Austen.

  1. The Cheetah Girls
This is the movie I would say paved the way for Disney musical films. The 2003 movies were based on it novel series written by Deborah Gregory.

  1. The Parent Trap
This movie has two versions and depending on the era you grew up, you might have been lucky to see the two versions.  These family friendly movies were both based on the 1949 novel written by Erich K√§stner’ titled “Lottie and Lisa”.

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