Thursday 9 July 2015

X-Files Releases Promo Footage

Are you a fan of X-files? Then brace yourself as Fox Entertainment has released a brand new promo footage that would keep you excited.
This new series is set to be on air next year January and the promo tells us that if we were to find a way of watching one of its episodes a day for the next 201 days, then we should be able to pick up with the new series a day after they finish their run.

While this might sound impressive it said that turns this deal isn’t the even half of why people should get excited about this promo. It turns out that we also got out our first look at new footage that will be part of the next season. That season is more of a miniseries than a season at all, but it still has fans of agents Mulder and Scully plenty excited. Shooting as clearly begun on the show and right now, this promo is the only way to get a look at what the characters are going to be doing.

WATCH the promo footage and see for yourself

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