Wednesday 23 September 2015

About 300 FG Ministries, Departments, Agencies Yet To Comply With Single Treasury Account

About 300 Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government have yet to comply with the directive to deposit remittances into the Treasury Single Account, Ahmed Idris, the Accountant-General of the Federation, has said. 
Speaking Tuesday after the Federation Account Allocation Committee meeting in Abuja, he said that the exact number of MDAs that had enrolled could not be ascertained yet.
“As at today, I can tell you about 600 out of about 900 MDAs have keyed in.
“For the number of accounts I cannot categorically tell you because even the MDAs and indeed the Federal Government never knew the number of accounts.
“However the accounts are going on to the Central Bank of Nigeria and I believe very soon a position will be made available on the number of accounts that have been swept up,’’ he said.
He said the aim of the policy was not to disrupt the operations of the MDAs but to help them and the government run better.
“The policy was never intended to impair the operations of MDAs; rather, it is intended to make them more efficient and to make cash available to government in a very centralised and consolidated manner.
“So, operations of MDAs are expected to move on as expected but MDAs must come forward in line with the directive and deadline given of Sept. 15 which has already expired.
“We are expecting them to come and enlist, enrol and identify users that will participate and key into their individual sub-accounts so that they can utilise their resources based on their budgets’’, he said.
Mr. Idris, however, said that the implementation of the policy experienced some problems at inception but that they were easing off with time.

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