Tuesday 29 September 2015

Lance Armstrong Pays Tour De France 10 Million Dollars

Remember him, he was the man that retired with the highest number of Tour De France wins but he later admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his career.

Lance Armstrong is the name and these are hard times for him as the former world champion has now had to shell out 6.6 million pounds ($10 million) in order to settle a case against the organizers of the Tour de France.

This money was originally paid to the athlete by SCA Promotions Inc as an acknowledgment of his seven wins on the most popular cycling circuit in the world. Few years ago the company officially filed a complaint against Armstrong after they heard the news about his doping scandal they asked him to return the money which he unlawfully won in the competition.

I’m pleased to have this matter behind me and I look forward to moving on” this was the statement he made after officially agreeing to return the money and settle the case.

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