Friday 2 October 2015

15 Years Old Boy Impregnate Teacher After Sleeping With Her 50 Times

A teaching assistant who has been forcefully having sex with a 15 years old boy has said she is now pregnant for him.

The Manchester school boy says he has been scarred for life after the teacher has made him have sex with her ‘over 50 times’. The boy had unprotected sex on various occasions with the teaching assistant Caroline Berriman and now Caroline is pregnant.

It was gather that Caroline who is said to be tutoring the boy in Maths and English at Abraham Moss Community School approached the young adolescent via Facebook and asked for his number and that was how she started having sex with the boy. Shockley Caroline and the boy were very close that Caroline’s daughter who is younger than the boy ended up calling him dad. Strange isn’t it?

The boy had this to say when he spoke with the media “We would call and text each other all the time and it got more and more into a sort of relationship. Then she started ringing me on weekends, asking if I was going round to hers. It slowly got more serious. It got to a point where her daughter was calling me “dad”. I used to say to her ‘I’m not, I’m your mum’s friend”.

It was the boy’s parent that exposed the situation after the boy had told his older brother who then told their parent. Caroline won’t be to jailed for this unlike most people in her situation, after she pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual activity with a minor.

Really do you think she doesn’t deserve jail term?  

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