Sunday 18 October 2015

Dail it With TrueDialler

TrueDialler a leading search technology company has announced the release of a new caller availability feature on its Truedialer App which allow callers to check if the person they intend to call is available before dialing.

The new feature saves precious time and reduces annoying calls that come in at the wrong times by saving users the trouble of having to remember to turn on the “Out of Office” and “Do Not Disturb” features on their smart phones.
The new feature enables the Truedialer App to automatically sync with the user’s diary and works reactively to his/her schedule, showing his/her contacts when the user is free or busy – a green status indicates a user is free and a red status indicates a user is busy.
CEO & co-founder of Truecaller, Allan Mamedi said, “It seems unusual that in a world where we can talk to each other over our phones, map our locations wherever we are with pinpoint accuracy and stream our current activity, that we still haven’t figured out when to let people know when we’re free to talk in real time. This is where Truedialer changes things”.
Through Truedialer’s integration with Truecaller, diallers are able to identify over 2 billion numbers, thereby giving callers instant access to relevant information about the people they are about to call, and much more.
Truemessenger App, which was launched recently, compliments the Truecaller and Truedialer apps, which are both available for free on major mobile platforms.

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