Friday, 9 October 2015

Gamein30, A Sweet Marriage Between Instant Gaming and Messaging

You might be traveling in a bus right now, waiting for the ‘ugwu’ seller to cut the ugwu you bought and package it for you, waiting for the next lecturer to hit the classroom or just home alone. At those waiting and lonely moments, you might just be itching to do something real fun and quick. Isn’t it?

Well, you might decide to play the popular ‘Temple Run’ game on your phone or tablet at that moment but you realize that you not only get bored the more, you get stressed-out too. So what can you really do that’s fun and quick?
Gamein30 Ltd has developed a gaming app that’s very fun and can be played very quickly – in just 30 seconds.
At those waiting and lonely moments when you need to do something quick and fast to pass time, Gamein30 comes in handy. The app is full of various casual games, which are updated from time to time, that you can play instantly.
The icing on the cake is that Gamein30 not only allows you to play instant games all by yourself, it gives you the ability to invite friends and families to join in the fun, all in 30 seconds. Isn’t that amazing?
Connecting with friends and families is really fun and friendly. Gamein30 comes with messaging capabilities – like a chat app, which makes it possible for users to text or message their contacts, sending them invitations to join in the fun.
And to express your joy or dissatisfaction from the result of playing an instant game with a friend or a family member, Gamein30 comes with a sticker market which enables users to show their emotional state. Stickers can also be sent prior to the start of a game with another user.
All in all, I think Gamein30 is a beautiful app with a wonderful concept – marrying gaming and messaging.
The app is gradually gaining traction, going by the number of downloads and customers’ reviews on the App Store, although it needs little improvements, especially in the area of making it possible for users to play with random users and not just their contacts.
This functionality, if added, could make Gamein30 users connect with people all over the world, thereby making it not just a gaming and messaging platform but also a social networking tool.

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