Friday 26 February 2016

Absolute Hearts Weekly Music Review

Once again it's Friday and the weekend is about to start, I hope you all had a great week? I am very happy with this week's review not only because we have so many great songs but also because due to popular demand we have extend our ratings beyond Nigeria. That's right people, starting from today we shall be rating the song of any known African artiste in as much as they have been able to win the hearts of we Nigerians.
So before I go into the review proper remember that Absolute Hearts Weekly Music Review is now airing on BCP Radio by 4PM every Friday and also the power to choose the Song of the Week is now in your hands all you have to do is comment with the song you think should be the song of the week. You can also be part of the live broadcast by simply logging on to and you would be with us live. Without any further ado here are the songs we have for you;

1.      Shatte Wale- Like You: Very cool production with nice beat and instrumentals. Though this is not an instant hit but it is a decent song and I rate it 6/10

2.      A-Q ft Chuza- Aju Ji Ndi Men: I never expected A-Q to do a song like this but I must say I am impressed. The chorus sounds very powerful and cool and as expected is rap were on point. I rate the song 7/10

3.      Mo'Chedda- Survive: Mo'Chedda makes her return with this beautiful crafted song and I must say I am impressed never knew she could sing like this. Very cool song with strong message and rich lyrics and my rating would be 8/10

4.      Jaywon ft 9ice- Muke: Jaywon keeps getting better with every single he released. This is a very nice song with a very cool production and I must say 9ice brought his A-game on this one, been a while I heard 9ice sound like this. This is a song that would definitely go far and the rating would be 8/10

5.      Majek Fashek ft 2Baba- No More Sorrow: When two legends combine well you would expect nothing more than good good music and I must say this is definitely a good song. 2Baba was able to blend well into the song given it a very unique sound. I rate this song 8/10

6.      CDQ- Sun Se Yin: once again Masterkraft keeps grinding out those dope beat. This is not a bad song though I think it below the standard CDQ has already set for himself but like a said this is a decent song and I rate it 7/10
7.      Henry Knight ft Pizo- Mother Land: Henry Knight makes a return to the music scene with this beautiful song titled Mother Land. He wasn't alone as he brought Pizo whose rap for me was what killed this song. The beat and production very cool and my rating would be 7/10..

That's all for today, thank you..

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