Monday 22 February 2016

Absolute Hearts Weekly Video Analysis

It is a beautiful Monday, how was the weekend? Hope you all had a great time because I surely did. Anyway you know how we do it every Monday on Absolute Hearts, we bring you the best music video analysis you can’t find anywhere expect on Absolute Hearts Video Analysis and without any further ado here is what we have for you.

1.      D’Banj- Emergency: I enjoyed the way the video started with the whole alert and delivery stuff, I think that was cool but from the moment D’Banj was called on the stage to the way he left the stage, I saw a replay of Banky W's High Note video concept though this was a bit different considering the fact that D’Banj didn't actually dance with the girl he left with and he actually walked off the stage unlike Banky who disappeared. Though I must commend Unlimited L.A for making this video a open bar kind of video, I feel it was necessary because of the beat of the song which is true afro beat which also explains the whole Fela dance D’Banj and his backups were doing on stage. The whole stage scene for me nailed it for the video and with that I would give the video 7/10.

2.      Seriki- Good Life: To be candid this wasn't what I was expecting from this video, I mean we didn't see the good life in the video. First off the location of the video was a no no for me, I get the fact that the director didn't want to use the popular club scene but I think he would have done better than this, this looks more like a basement or the underground of a tunnel and that doesn’t just do justice to this song which talks about celebrating. To me the budget of this video was too low and for that I rate the video which was directed by C.A.R.D.O.S.O 5/10.

3.      Young D ft Skales X Da Les Gum Body: I tried but I couldn’t make much sense out of this video, it is boring and the longevity of the song made everything more tiring. Okay except from the car scene and the part where Skales was putting on red and where he wore black and was dancing, every other scene in this video was not just okay. Whoever gave them the idea of the effect they used in this video got it all wrong and the way the effect inter-switched with the other scenes was just off it and it made the video to lose it's colour balance. My rating would be 3/10.

4.      Dotman ft Olamide Yes Melo Remix: Now this is what I call a proper use of effect in a video, very colourful and well placed. Every scene had it own effect which perfectly blended in and just like a line of the song said there was no dulling in the video. Well since it was Clearance that shot it I am not surprise, I rate this video a 7/10.
5.      Banky W ft Chidinma All I Want Is You: Once again Banky W is showing that he has got everything it takes to become one of the top video directors as time goes on. Nice concept accompanied with a good typical naija parent “who to marry drama” and the way he finally approached them, he had to make sure he brought out his Igbo swag, I mean which well meaning Nigerian parent would ignore that kind of love display by a man for their daughter. Really nice video and I rate it 8/10. 

That's all for today,thank you....

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