Wednesday 17 February 2016

Floyd Mayweather Is Scared To Face Me- Amir Khan

Amir Khan who is scheduled to challenge WBC middleweight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez on May 7 in his first fight above welterweight has insisted that Floyd Mayweather is scared to fight him as he claimed to have offered to fight the former welterweight king for free.

The former Olympic silver medalist has long campaigned for a fight against Mayweather but with the self-proclaimed best ever now retired following his win over Andre Berto in September, Khan has been forced to move on. Khan said “We thought we got very close to making that fight happen.  Floyd, to be honest, is too scared to fight me. I did everything to make that fight happen. mI spoke to my team, and I even said 'I'll fight you for free,' just to show the world that I'm a better fighter than him, but he just didn't want to fight me and wanted the easy way out."

According to Khan, Mayweather is not the only prominent welterweight to refuse to step into the ring with him as he also said that Manny Pacquiao also turned down a fight while WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia denied him an opportunity to avenge his 2012 fourth-round knockout loss, even though he is ranked as the WBC's No 1 contender. He said “The reason I have to move up a weight now is because no one in my division wanted to fight me. Mayweather let me down. Pacquiao let me down. Danny Garcia let me down. So I'm in a position where people don't want to fight me, so I have to move up. I want the biggest fights”.

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