Thursday 18 February 2016

God Particle For 2017 Release

Bad Robot and Paramount has now officially locked in God Particle for a release on February 24, 2017 after they welcomed aboard  Doug Jung last year.

In physics, God Particle is the evocative moniker given to the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle that gives mass to other particles. Over the past half-decade or so, the Higgs particle has become the subject of painstaking research often carried out at Europe’s Large Hadron Collider. There, subatomic particles are crammed into a colossal particle accelerator and beamed close to the speed of light, allowing physicists to analyze how these elementary objects relate to theories of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Head-scratching stuff, no doubt, but particle physics will only feature in Bad Robot’s film insofar as God Particle will revolve around an American space crew who, after jump-starting a particle accelerator, may have inadvertently caused a black hole to destroy planet Earth. Cast adrift in the inky blackness of space, things take a turn for the weird when the astronauts happen across traces of another ship.

God Particle has set sights on a February 24, 2017 release date, and we can hardly wait to see how Onah’s long-gestating thriller pans out. Star Trek Beyond, meanwhile, will zip into theaters in time for July 22, 2016.

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