Saturday 27 February 2016

Greg Dyke Says England May Launch Bid To Host 2030 World Cup

Following Gianni Infantino's election as FIFA president, FA chairman Greg Dyke says England may bid to host the 2030 World Cup. The FA attempted to host the 2018 tournament but were well beaten in the vote, which was won by Russia.

Dyke said Infantino's success could tempt the FA to enter the bidding to host a World Cup at some stage saying “The reason we wouldn't deal with a Blatter FIFA is because we didn't think we'd win. And there was so much bad blood from the last time we tried - at Government level as well as at the FA level. It was almost impossible to deal with him. This is a new day, a new dawn. I think we will certainly try to win some tournaments. The World Cup in 2026 will go to North America, but we will maybe go for 2030”.

Dyke, who leaves the FA in the summer, thinks the election of Infantino is great news for FIFA as the organisation begins the process of reform. Dyke said: “There's a big job to be done but at least we've got a reform programme and at least we've got a president in whom we can trust. He is very competent, very organised, very together. Not a showman, but good fun. He has got a lot of qualities and it will be very good for FIFA”

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